Why Windermere?

More People Are Choosing Windermere Brokers.  Why?

Bottom Line: People know the best price was found. Our Moreland location is known for consumer-focused approaches and high quality real estate transactions. As Principal Broker, I am honored to work with full-time, well-educated real estate brokers. I am inspired daily by the way each broker works to represent the best interests and the wishes of their clients. This personal service approach is very popular with people because it is clear that the best possible price was found and actually achieved.

More Support For Brokers and Their Clients

This Real Estate Office operates with an organized system of support to a select group of real estate brokers. Consumers benefit because our brokers enjoy a well-operating, organized office with several quality assurance systems in place. Just as a house requires a solid foundation, our brokers benefit from this strong base. You will find that brokers at this office are well educated int he latest trends, current real estate contracts, and listen to the voices of consumers. With this, each of our brokers is simply better organized and more prepared to work effectively. More Broker Resources Means Better Results for Consumers.

Our Brokers Contribute To This Community

Quietly, our brokers contribute to such community programs as Bridge Meadows, New Avenues for Youth, Fall Coat Drives, many Homeless and Near-Homeless support organizations and many others. The culture of Windermere Real Estate and the specific office culture of our Windermere Moreland office are two very important reasons why I joined this company and this office in particular. Witnessing the consistent contributions of the Windermere Moreland brokers is inspirational. I am proud of the professionalism of each one of our brokers. I also feel privileged to work with each one personally. I believe that there is an advantage to choosing a broker who participates in community and charitable giving. Our Brokers Contribute To This Community.

Not A Theory – It is Working in This Market

Actual successful real estate sales and purchases are happening. The reason why this office is doing so well, and so much better than other real estate offices, is directly related to the several refreshing approaches. Collaboration on pricing trends, pricing methods, current buyer trends and consumer reactions to marketing are a unique and strong cultural part of this office. Individually with clients, people are finding another point of satisfaction – very strong advocacy for each client. Help buying the best house not just any house. Selling at the right price not just any price. Both buyers and sellers find brokers from this office are strong advocates for their unique and individual needs. This refreshing collaborative environment, along with strong individual work ethics, is working. It is not a Theory – It is Actually Working and People are Choosing This Approach.