More About Me

Need real estate assistance?

Then coming to the Moreland branch of Windermere Stellar was the right thing to do! I have a degree from George Fox in management, but I am blessed to be the managing Principal Broker of such a great group of hard working, knowledgeable, highly ethical Realtors who also happen to love life and know how to have a good time. So, pick one - any one! I know their individual expertise as well, so a quick couple of questions, and I'll connect you with a wonderful person who also happens to be a great Realtor.

Thinking about Real Estate as a career?

Please call and pick my brain on what it takes to be a success in this industry. I'll throw my two cents into the mix. Not everyone who gets a license is a fit for every office. It's a decision both parties need to make. And when its a great fit? Wow! I'm a certified Integrity Coach, have taken the Ninja Installation, and been to Brian Buffini workshops, so my past background as a full time real estate coach will help you REALLY learn how to be successful after you've passed that darn test!

A Realtor who is still looking for a great fit?

To go out and test the waters at another firm, when you feel your needs aren't being met at your own company is tough. You have good friends at your branch, and it just seems like such a hassle. True on both counts, but you do need to maximize your success. You don't know me and visa-versa. (Just an aside - I waas the managing Principal Broker of Windermere's Lake Oswego branch office in the early 2000's and been blessed to be at Moreland since February 2011) So let's just talk over a cup of coffee and see how it goes from there. No decision needs to be made - it usually isn't. But I know after we've talked you'll know we love having great Realtors being a part of our team. So here's the call to action :-) CALL!