Branch Agent Meetings February 16, 2017

Moreland Branch Meeting 2.14

      Professional Roundtable 2.14
Building better futures for our clients and communities by providing values-driven, exceptional service.

Connecting to Your Sphere or Someone in Your Sphere – Items of Value:

How are you sabotaging yourself?  Kinda catchy – I read it – it’s a quick read, and very good!

I think Flood Preparedness isn’t a ‘county’ thing.   This awesome information is from Clackamas County. Check it out!

Promoting Your Seller’s Homes                                                                          __         Your Real Estate Needs and Wants:


Local Real Estate News + Odds and Ends:

American Home Shield completed 18 repairs in our clients’ homes last week and paid $3,131 in claims.

  • HOLIDAY upcoming RE Holiday 2-20-2017.
  • Our Forms Wall – Yes…… it’s finally going to happen.

Education Opportunities – ‘Organized people are just too lazy to go looking for what they want. Albert Einstein’

  • 2-15      1031 Exchange @ MO                                 10:00 – 11:00Tell Janet                           1 CE
  • 2-21       Tech Time with Doug @ MO                     10:00 –
  • 2-22 Zoning Class @ MO                                      12:00 to 1:00    Tell Janet
  • 2-24      Premier Properties – FIRPTA PDX Golf Club 8-10            Register 1 CE
  • 3-3         RMLS Ed/Tech Fair       ALL DAY                                           Register CE Options
  • The “Moxie Squad” is coming! This time it will be the ‘TouchCMA Squad”! Stay tuned!

Building Your Success:Ask for what you really want. Michelle McCabe Lloyd Tower” J

  • LIST: The three things you are doing that are working – You are getting business from them.
    • ______________________________________ 2. ___________________________________ 3. ______________________________
  • ONE THING – you are not doing but you know it will work to create business. ________________________________
  • Your HOT list – Who looks like I will be writing an offer/listing for this week?

Transaction Mastery & Listing Specialist: Motivation – Mindset – Action – Results. Jane O’Connor Moreland.” J

  • Coming REALLY SOON – Changes to the Sales Agreements – YAY! ATTACHED (One ‘hidden one’, too!)
  • Sometimes you win, sometimes you win and you wish you hadn’t started the game. (Adverse Possession)
  • Who do you call if you think there is ‘someone not supposed to be there’ in vacant house?
  • Oregon Statues and Marketing – behind the times, but they are what they are! ATTACHED
  • Did you know about the new procedure coming for tank locates?
  • Tip: When you are attaching docs to an email. Remember….. a LOT of people see them on their phone!
  • Fun stats – How many Realtors are doing real estate in Portland and how many aren’t?

Roundtable Time   ‘So, who says they are going to be the next Queen of Condos in Portland?’

  • Roundtable 1 – If someone asks “What do you think about them tearing down these old houses”, what do you say?