Branch Agent Meetings September 20, 2016

Moreland Branch Meeting 9-20-2016

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“Help Someone – Be Awesome!” is the Windermere (Moreland) Way

 Building better futures for our clients and communities by providing values-driven, exceptional service.
For your Blog:

OK, Gentleman.  26 Ways to dress like a gentleman. Since I can’t count to 26, I guess I fail!

50 Ways to be Happier: I think the thought is nice, but I think you have to be independently wealthy and live alone to do it!

Affordable? Really?  Still above the affordability line, though we’ve gotten closer to it pretty quickly.

Listings:                                                                                                                                                                   Needs and Wants:

  • Gary- Eastmoreland; 4b3b; $695,000;  2 car garage
  • Linda- Alphabet district; condo; private patio; bamboo floor; $249,900; HOA is $180; 722 NW 24th
  • 32nd and Knapp; 5b3.5b; $875,000;
  •  SW 70th Ter; condo; under $400,000; in October
  • Gary- needs a cleaning crew
  • Bill- needs someone to hold open house this weekend
  • Mike- fixer; up to $500,000
  • Tony- raw land; Mt. Hood; Sandy River; 2 acres; $300,000
    • New construction up to 10 years old; Cedar Mills area
    • Raw land in city; $200,000

Branch Stuff:

  • American Home Shield completed five repairs in our clients’ homes last week and paid $2,066 in claims. Four repairs were appliances and one was electrical. PLUS – AHS Claims
  • Portlandia – Man, they work early! J They think it will air in March. I’ll keep you posted!
  • AmazonSmile – I KNOW a lot of you use Amazon. Use AmazonSmile and the Windermere Foundation gets a portion. Cool!
  • October 4th @ Jimmy Mac’s $5.00 door is a 100% donation to the Windermere Foundation! ATTACHED
  • September 29th – “I can’t believe it’s almost October!” Agent Social. Relish @ 5:30 p.m.
  • Client surveys

Education Opportunities

  • 9-21 LARRC                                @ RH    9-12                     Details here                 $25      0 CE
  • 9-21 TouchCMA                        @ MO   1-2                        Janet                                   Free
  • 9-28 Mold                                   @ MO   10-11                   Janet                                   Free      0 CE
  • 9-28 Statistical Tools for Marketing @RH 1-2              Details here                 Free
  • 10-11 & 12 Symposium @ Sentinel                        Register here              $179   5 CE
  • 11-8 to 11 Ninja Installation Eugene                     Register Here                    $695

Consistent Connections:  “Wherever you are, make sure you’re there.” – Dan Sullivan

  • Agent Websites and Trendgraphic Reports – TG has changed the format to responsive graphs (they work on mobile devices), so you’ll need to create a new URL. Janet can help! It’s GREAT to have those on your site
  • Market Action to your peeps. What will you add for value? ATTACHED

Transaction Master:It’s not my price, it’s not your price, it’s what the market decides price’ Mike Lamb

  • New Authorization to Exclude from MLS. (New name – LOTS of initials) ATTACHED
  • Property Disclosure – Take two
  • Ever dealt with Rude People. Some ideas.
  • Roundtable – What do you think of this Buyer’s Strategy?
  • Awesome On-site sewage and Well links ATTACHED
  • Guidelines for Post Closing Problems ATTACHED

 The science of willpower and self-control confirms that your willpower – or energy levels – are strongest immediately following sleep. The longer you go throughout your day, the less willpower you have. In other words, you experience decision fatigue throughout your day. (That explains my afternoon visits to the Buckaroo!)