Branch Agent Meetings June 15, 2016

Moreland Branch Meeting 6.14.2016

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Building better futures for our clients and communities by providing values-driven, exceptional service.

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Great lawn tips! Not sure about making my own fertilizer, though. Mmmmmm

Is YOUR sunscreen any good?   This site is a great place to find out!

Catchy title – “You might die today”.  Do the happy dance. However, check out some great positive advice.  



Branch Stuff:                 

  • American Home Shield completed 12 repairs in our clients’ homes last week and paid $1410 in repairs.  Eight repairs were appliances and four were plumbing. AHS Claims
  • Concerts in the Park – Patty is again amazing! 2 years of sunglasses for a total of $50 for each agent. Make your check out to Patty Brockman and also another $50 to Portland Parks. Please do this in the next week!
  • Golf Tourney August 22nd – Peggy ATTACHED
  • Client Surveys
  • Windermere Services – Education classes moving + tables?

Education Opportunities       

  • 6/17     Vacant Land Webinar   @ MO   1:30-3                 Let Janet know                1.5 CE               Free
  • 6/21     Living Trusts                    @MO    10-11                   Let Janet know ASAP     1.0 CE   Free
  • 6/22     10 Things to do NOW    @ RH    10-11                   Mywindernet
  • 6/23     Effective Farming           @RH     9:30-10:30
  • 6/30     Grow Houses                   @LT      10-11                                                                1 CE
  • 7/7        Buyer Psychology           @WES  11:30-1               Details Here
  • 7/20     RMLS Update                   @MO    10-11                   Tell Janet                           1 CE
  • ANYTIME – Windermere Tech mini-webinars – very nice! WORC – Technology Home Page

Consistent Connections:  Did I win the week?

  • 7/26   Custom Express Class     @MO    10:30-12:30      Tell Janet

Transaction Master: The most difficulty think in any negotiation, almost, is making sure that you strip it of the emotion and deal with the facts. Howard Baker

  • NEW information on both the buyer and seller Client Engagement letters ATTACHED
  • Appraisers – WOW!
  • Portlandmaps helpful tips – ATTACHED

Business Savvy: Take a moment or two EVERY DAY to focus on the positive changes in your life.  

  • Docusign – Complete your profile and get your picture on it!

Clayton Scott – Penrith Mortgage

Appraisers are taking longer to complete appraisals and they are costing more! Why is this happening? There are fewer and fewer appraisers that are licensed to do them, so they are overworked and charging more. For years their workload has gone up while the price has remained stagnant, so now the prices are playing catch up! It is extremely difficult and inconvenient to train a new appraiser, and many licensed appraisers do not have the resources to do so! Keep this in mind when thinking about appraisals. Warn your clients that they will cost on average 600-800 dollars!