Branch Agent Meetings April 26, 2016

Moreland Branch Meeting 4.26.2016

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“Help Someone – Be Awesome!” is the Windermere (Moreland) Way

What am I going to do this week to make my two year goals? Did I win the week?
For your Blog:

Do Boomers and Millennials want the same things in a house?  Quite a few things, actually!
Maybe we need a show like this in Portland!  Price points would be less, but still cool.
Want to give props to your favorite restaurants? This would be a nice place to do it!


Robin – Modern in Sellwood, 3000 ft. sq. 4b/3.1b, $785k

  • Next Friday, 5406 SE Milwaukie condo, 2b/1b 1000 Sq. ft. $299k, $134 HOA

Dana – Ertz House, $1.25M, 4b/3.1b 4684 Sq. ft., double lot.

Linda – Mediterranean, NW 81st, 5b/4.1b, 6192 sq.ft.

Bill – Reference for Sally at Lloyd: University Park, 900 sq.ft, 3b/1b $319k, live on Friday

Reuben – New Construction in Clinton, 3b/2b 2080 Sq. ft.

Joe – Thursday First Look, Multnomah Village, Craftsman 4b/3.1b, $665k, 3200 Sq. Ft.

Kathryn- Overlook, 3b/2b

  • Reed, 1940’s Bungalo, 3b/1b, $400k

Tony – Beaverton, 3b/2.5b, corner lot, cul-de-sac, $335k, big yard, backs to greenspace


Needs and Wants:

Bill – VA buyers, 3b/1.5b, big yard, $300k

Joe – $400k, N Portland

  • Milwaukie, $325k-$350k, 3/2, 2-car garage

Robin – $1.2M in Lake O

  • SE $750k
  • N, under $325k
  • SE, under $550k

Daniette – Manufacture home inspector

Kathryn – Tiny Sellwood Fixer, $500k, possible ADU

  • Anything in Sellwood, Westmoreland
  • Multnomah Village or Milwaukie up to $350k

Tony – $750-1M, SE or SW, new construction, craftsman

Branch Stuff:                 

  • Run.Walk.Stroll – WELL DONE!!!! 106 participants! It takes a village, but especially THANK YOU, Peggy!
  • 4/28 @ 4:00 Charity Happy Hour – With your guest bartenders – Dana and Mike!
  • Mark your calendars! Windermere Community Service Day is June 3rd! We need a project and director!

Education Opportunities       

  • 4/26     Personal Branding @ WEC         1-3                Details here              $25
  • 4/28     Optimize your Website @WEC 1-3                        Details here              Free
  • 5/3      BMP Sales & Forms @ LT           2-3                        Coming Soon                    1 CE               Free
  • 5/4        Aerial Imaging  @ Moreland      12-1                     Let Meredith know        1 CE               Free
  • 5/11     Moxi Works @ Moreland            1-4                        Let Meredith know                       Free
  • 5/11     Know your Value! @ WEC          1-3                        Details here              2 CE               $15
  • Any        Earth Advantage Designation – Online                 $119

Consistent Connections:  Empathy is the critical 21st Century skill.

  • What are you going to be sending to your sphere in May?

Listing Specialist: Genuine People: They can tell when others are full of it.

  • Who are your favorite photogs? Why? What do you look for in their work?

Transaction Master: Try and move the client’s low probability of success to a high probability of success.

  • Email Scams Targeting the Real Estate Industry ATTACHED
    Roundtable: What does that mean?

Business Savvy: “Only those who will risk going too far can find out how far one can go” – T.S. Eliot  

  • Market Action – What can you say that’s real but not negative?
  • RMLS Abbreviations ATTACHED
  • If you use Facebook, This article has a very easy how-to to find ‘hidden’ messages. I had two!
  • ProSchools Partner Code – nice discount on CE classes – WindPE
  • FedEx Windermere Discount 8400068614 ATTACHED
  • 10 Steps to Jump Start Change ATTACHED

Penrith Mortgage – Clayton Scott – THANK YOU, Clayton for being a Run sponsor AND a runner!

Byte Size Tech – Lawyer’s Title