Branch Agent Meetings April 19, 2016

Moreland Branch Meeting 4.19.2016

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“Help Someone – Be Awesome!” is the Windermere (Moreland) Way

Just ONE hour of planning a week:  What am I going to do this week to build my business?
For your Blog:

When you’re hot you’re hot!  And PDX real estate is HOT! Here are the 25 hottest!
She sells She Sheds by the…. never mind!  Forget the man-cave!
When’s the best time to sell? NOW in PDX! But the best time for the entire market is coming SOON!


Joylene – 152nd & Hawthorne, 3b/1b, 1000 sq. ft.,  $235k

Patty – 53rd & Burnside, 3b/1.1b, 1982 sq. ft., $469k

  • 1st week of May: 5151 SE 38th Ave, modern, ADU pot., 3b/3.5b, $750k
  • Woodstock, 3b/1.5b, $550-$600k

Daniette – SE Tacoma, 1894 Farmhouse, w/updates, .66 acres, 2b/1.1b $520k

Robin – SE 11th, Modern, 4b/3.5b, 3000 sq. ft.

Dana – 6701 SE 29th, Ertz architectural house, 4600 sq. ft., double lot, $1.2M

  • Eastmoreland Heights, 3b/2b, 2000 sq. ft., oversized lot, $450-$500k

Michael – Sherwood, 3b/2b, couple weeks out

Tony – Beaverton, 3b/2.5b, 1600 sq. ft., corner lot, cul-de-sac, $330k, soon

Needs and Wants:

Patty – Close in, $300k

  • Close in, $1.8M

Daniette – $200k anywhere

Dana – 1-level, Eastmoreland

Kathryn – Milwaukie/Oak Grove, $350k

Tony- Condo, SE of S Waterfront, $400k

  • East/Westmoreland, Sellwood, $750k-$1M

Branch Stuff:                 

  • American Home Shield completed 12 repairs in our clients’ homes last week and paid $1,018 in claims.  4 repairs were appliances, there were plumbing, two each were heating and electrical, and one was A/C.
  • So what IS going on with the building across the street from us? ATTACHED
  • 4/28 @ 4:00 Charity Happy Hour – With your guest bartenders – Dana and Mike!
  • Mark your calendars! Windermere Community Service Day is June 3rd!

Education Opportunities       

  • 4/19     Moxi Works @ WEC                     1-3                        Details here              Free
  • 4/20-21 SRES @ WEC                                 8:30-5                 Details here              10 CE               $169
  • 4/21     Escrow & Vesting @ MO              10-11                   Let Meredith know        1 CE               Free
  • 4/22     Omitted Property @                     8:15-10               here. (Premier Bfast)   1CE               $40
  • 4/26     Personal Branding @ WEC         1-3                Details here              $25
  • 4/28     Optimize your Website @WEC 1-3                        Details here              Free
  • 5/4        Aerial Imaging  @ Moreland      12-1                     Let Meredith know        1 CE               Free
  • 5/11     Moxi Works @ Moreland            1-4                                                                     Free

Consistent Connections:  Empathy is the critical 21st Century skill.

  • FIVE DAYS LEFT!!! WE NEED RUNNERS!!! EVERYONE – Get 10 people registered. It’s good for the event and GREAT for your business. PLEASE invest a couple of hours to make our event a success. You can do it!

Listing Specialist: Genuine People: They can tell when others are full of it.

  • Windermere Market Share Graphs – (TouchCMA under folder titled: “Market Share Graphs ORSWWA”)

Transaction Master: Try and move the client’s low probability of success to a high probability of success.

  • Professional Broker Series #14 – Property Disclosures ATTACHED
  • Mid year change coming to the ‘Contingent Right to Purchase’ ATTACHED
  • Lake Oswego Lake Corporation – It’s good to know ATTACHED

Business Savvy: “Only those who will risk going too far can find out how far one can go” – T.S. Eliot  
Roundtable – How could you make a case to NOT work on the weekend – and have it as a buyer benefit?


We LOVE Realtors! This is pretty funny and only about 3 minutes long.