Branch Agent Meetings March 16, 2016

Moreland Branch Meeting 3.15.2016

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“Help Someone – Be Awesome!” is the Windermere (Moreland) Way

Just ONE hour of planning a week:  What am I going to do this week to build my business?

For your Blog:

So…. How much do you need to earn to buy a house?” Depends on what city. I bet you’re surprised on a couple of these!

Charlie Hales advocates for less density in Eastmoreland.  I think he gets a YAY for that!

Seller’s Market. Check. So, is now a good time for pre-inspections? Could be!


Robin- SE 18th & Yukon, April 1st. 3/2, finished basement, $599k

Joylene- Se 148th & Division, April 1st, vacant now.  Work being done, new kitchen/windows/etc. $230-$235k

Bill- 2434 N Dekum, mid-century ranch 3/2, with in-law quarters detached.  Prospective showings after 25th, $450k

 – Eastmoreland, notable architect, 4/3.1, $1.25m


Needs and Wants:

– Sellwood & Lake Oswego up to $1.2m

  • Clackamas/WA county, newer, $550k

– ADU or 4bed separate up to $550k , here Thurs/Fri

  • Beaverton/Lake O/Forrest Heights, newer or done, big lot, $550-$750k

– North up to $400k

  • Beaverton, ADU/separate bed, up to $350k

 WA County, move-in ready, $265k

  • Inner East/Milw. $250k
  • $800k cash, Eastmoreland

– Inner SE, funky okay, $475k

  • Westside condo up to $400k, east depending

l- 30min from Milwaukie

– $450k, 1-level pref., closer in/Milwaukie

Branch Stuff:                 

  • Over the last three weeks, American Home Shield completed 38 repairs in our clients’ homes and paid $7,525.  12 repairs appliances, 11 plumbing, 10 heating, 4 electrical and 1 walls/floors/ceiling.
  • Order your Windermere Foundation Tulips by March 23rd! Order sheet at front desk.
  • April’s Charity Chowdown – Dana & Mike!  Bloody Marys: Date TBD
  • It’s MARCH MADNESS TIME! The Moreland inaugural Bracket Challenge and Foundation Fund Raiser! 

Education Opportunities       

  • 3/16  LARRC @ WEC                                   9-12                     Details here              3CE               $25
  • 3/17  Young Guns Panel <5 years in RE @ WEC  1-3      Details here              Free
  • 4/20-21 SRES @ WEC                                 8:30-5                 Details here              10CE          $169
  • 4/26    Personal Branding @ WEC     1-3                Details here              $25

Consistent Connections:  Open House 3 step greeting – 1. Enroll “how are you?’ 2. Acknowledge ‘thank them, welcome them, and compliment them’ 3. Your name – In that exact order

  • 3/29     First Time Home Buyer Seminar @ MO 6 – 7:15
  • Keep in Touch Options ATTACHED

Transaction Master:   Don’t bargain yourself down before you get to the table – Carol Frohlinger

  • Affiliated Business Disclosure and Client Engagement letter updates in ZipForms ATTACHED

Listing Specialist: To Seller ‘You may have to sell your home twice’

  • Market Action – what do you say…… that’s positive? ATTACHED
  • Yes a seller CAN counter multiple buyers at the same time…. But don’t! ATTACHED
  • LuxeAnalytics – Premier properties report ATTACHED

Business Savvy: Email – You can’t request action, you can only recite history – Richard Mario

  • Ethics Class – You need to 1. Take it and 2. Verify on You’ll need your NRDS#.
  • Roundtable #2 –  Air Quality – what’s an agent’s responsibility? NOTE: This article is NOT gospel. However, we did have a listing in Brooklyn that disclosed the situation, and especially if you’re representing out of area buyers, you should direct them to information on this situation if you’re close to ground zero. We’ll be getting more information in the coming weeks.

Clayton Scott – Penrith Mortgage