Branch Agent Meetings October 27, 2015

Moreland Branch Meeting 10.27.2015

Treating all people with dignity, respect and equality is the Windermere (Moreland) Way

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Countertops can be a BIG deal  – Here are five – I didn’t even know about lava! Mon Dieu!

Where ARE all these homes that are selling?  Here are the top 25 zip codes (how many zip codes do we HAVE in the tri-county anyway?) for most homes sold. We do note that 97202 would more than likely have MORE sales, if we had more listings.

Don’t think this will be on a multiple listing sheet soon.  Here’s the old entrepreneurial ‘spirit’ for you. A website that asks the question ‘who died in your house?’


Julianna – NE Kennedy Tudor. $540,000. Vacant tomorrow. Live 11/3

Robin- Cabin near Vernonia. 3/1. $195,000

Needs and Wants:

Kathryn – Sellwood up to $800,000

               -needs buyers for listing on 7126 SE 13th Ave. Price reduced to $625,000. Needs work

Robin – Sellwood and close in Eastmoreland. $650,000

Branch Stuff:                 

·        It’s HOLIDAY TIME!

o   October 25th @ 3:00 – Monster March – It was FUN!

o   November 11 Retail Therapy Foundation Fundraiser 10:00 to 2:00    $30

o   12-3 Stellar Holiday Party! J

o   12-10 THURSDAY Moreland Party at Mike’s! Start practicing your singing! J

Education Opportunities       

·        10/28 – Contingencies @ WEC                                                             9-12      Register Here               3CE        $25

·        10/31 – Where to Next? Creating Home Sweet Home                Renita

·        11/6 –   Build Small Live Large              8am-7pm               Candace  $125

·        11/4 –  Touch CMA & Docusign @ WEC                                             10-12    Details Here               $15

·        11/13 – Windermere Experts: Luxury Edition @ WEC                 10-12    Details Here               $15

·        12/16 – 2016 New Forms, Wine, and Cheese @ MO                     2 – 3ish                              1 to 1.5CE – More wine will mean more credit hours. J

Consistent Connections: ‘Ask for recommendation letter – show them examples from your other clients.’

·        Share the Warmth – Nov 2 to Dec 18 – Social Media, Postcards, email formats all available.

·        For all y’all paper based businesses – Keeping in the flow checklist ATTACHED

Transaction Master:  To Buyer – ‘We’re in competition whether there’s another offer on the table or not.’

·         So only one buyer and not the spouse signs an addendum. Is it binding?? ATTACHED NOTE: The article says a judge would probably say yes….. NOT where we want our clients. So continue with ALL signatures as the rule.

·        What ‘cha talking about when you’re going around a home with a buyer? Careful! We’ve been having ‘Nanny Cam’ situations. Council your clients to not say anything derogatory in a home. What if a buyer said ‘these people are pigs! However, I like the home, let’s write an offer’, and the sellers heard it? I’m thinking the buyers harmed their negotiations.  

·        Adult Abuse – Gypsies, Stress and Loneliness – OK< I was corrected, and I apologize. The teacher of the class was emphatic that ‘gypsies’ wasn’t an ethnic group – but it is. I promise not to generalize and disparage all the Romani from now on.

·        5 Phrases never to use in conversation ATTACHED Good to look over the list!

Business Savvy: ‘Don’t let the business consume you.’

·        Elisha – Personal, Tech, or Listing Marketing Submissions ATTACHED

·        Agency – Quick cheat sheet ATTACHED

·        Your Story is Our Story Video – I bet any of you have one of these!

·        11/6 – Premier Breakfast – Pat Stone 2016 Economic Forecast  8:30 – 10  $35 Details here

Listing Specialist:

·        A SCREAMING deal on an Eastmoreland listing! ATTACHED

Byte Size Tech – Tony Rossell – Lawyer’s Title – RPR for investors – very cool!