Branch Agent Meetings October 20, 2015

Moreland Branch Meeting 10.20.2015

Treating all people with dignity, respect and equality is the Windermere (Moreland) Way

For your Blog:

OK, who IS buying these expensive properties in PDX?  – Here are some stats from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis (These actuary types must have a killer Holiday Party J)

The house that Brian Allen grew up in is for sale?  Fun! Not that my friends aren’t awesome, but his dad’s party was a who’s who in show biz.

Cascadia Quake zipcode analysis.  In case Portland doesn’t become beach front property if/when the big one hits, here’s a nifty site based on zipcode you should checkout.


Julianna – $540,000. NE Simpson, near Kennedy School. 2800sqft Tudor. Live 11/5

                 -$1million fixer in Ladd’s Addition. Needs cosmetics, lots of paint and trees need trimming

Reuben – Short Sale- 60th & Duke. Modest 3/2.5. needs cosmetics, paint, carpet, interior doors. $252,000

Joylene – 38th & Flavel. 3/1. Needs updates. $250,000ish

Needs and Wants:

Julianna – Close in. Newer & Skinny

Daniette – Close-in SE/NE. downtown commuter. $650,000

Reuben – $200-400,000. No criteria

Branch Stuff:                 

·        Charity Chowdown courtesy of Peggy today. Yummmmm and thank you!

·        It’s HOLIDAY TIME!

o   October 25th @ 3:00 – Monster March

o   November 11 Retail Therapy Foundation Fundraiser 10:00 to 2:00    $30

o   12-3 Stellar Holiday Party! J

Education Opportunities       

·        10/21 – What to know when dealing with the Elderly @ MO     2-3pm                                1CE

·        10/28 – Contingencies @ WEC                                                             9-12      Register Here               3CE        $25

·        10/31 – Where to Next? Creating Home Sweet Home                Renita

·        11/6 –   Build Small Live Large              8am-7pm               Candace  $125

Consistent Connections: ‘Ask for recommendation letter – show them examples from your other clients.’

·        Tuesday 10/20 – First Time Home Buyer seminar @ MO  6:00 to 7:30

·        Share the Warmth – Nov 2 to Dec 18 – Social Media, Postcards, email formats all available.

·        Elisha – Need Database assistance?
Transaction Master:  To Buyer – ‘We’re in competition whether there’s another offer on the table or not.’

·         Oregon AND PDX smoke and CO detector FAQ revisited ATTACHED

Business Savvy: ‘Don’t let the business consume you.’

·        Median Prices by area – 1995 v. 2015 ATTACHED

·        Some good intel for your next business profile pic ATTACHED

·        September Market Action – What’s YOUR talking point? ATTACHED

·        25 Marketing Ideas for Open Houses ATTACHED

·        12 Ways to use Social Media ATTACHED

Listing Specialist:

·        10-23  Premier Breakfast “The Living Curiously Lifestyle – Becki Saltzman

·        How to use the new RMLS photo manager ATTACHED

·        Roundtable – Bad roof – New Roof before listing or negotiate in the repair period?

·        Odds of Selling by Price Range – ATTACHED

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