Branch Agent Meetings October 14, 2015

Moreland Branch Meeting Notes 10.13.2015

Treating all people with dignity, respect and equality is the Windermere (Moreland) Way

For your Blog:

Sequoias, how much do we love thee?  – Turns out $800K will do it in Eastmoreland!

1,000 of PDX home owners are getting proposed land use changes that impact their property.  That sounds like a big deal! Here’s a site that can give you more info.

Cool Pumpkins w/o pulling the cold icky insides out.  Sounds like a winner to me!


Julianna – Kennedy School area. Live 11/1. English Tudor 3/2. Remod kitch. Wood floors. Huge b-yard. $540-550,000

Bill – Live in a couple weeks – Milwaukie 3/1 Ranch. $225,000ish

Reuben – Short Sale – 60th Ave. Near Brentwood Park. Cul-de-sac. Built 2003. 3/2.5

Patty – SE Parkline Ct. 2/2

Dana – 1 level 4/3. 2500sqft. Needs some fixing. <$350,000

Needs and Wants:

Julianna – NE/SE Close-in. $340,000. Prefers the skinny, bread-box type & near a max line

Patty – 1 level or Condo. ADA compliant

Mike – SE 1 level up to $550,000

Daniette – Sellwood. $425,000

               -SW. near Vermont St or Maplewood. 3/2. $450,000
Bill – Moreland/Sellwood/Milwaukie. Up to $500,000. 3/1 or 2/1. Spacious kitchen. Cash buyer

Branch Stuff:                 

·        Our Charity Chowdown on October 20th curtesy of Corliss! Thank you – can’t wait!

·        Meals on Wheels – A few more and we’ll have enough so it would only be once every two months. Anyone?

·        It’s HOLIDAY TIME!

o   October 25th – Monster March – It’s fun, it’s only an hour, and you make a lot of dentists happy by giving candy out to the kids!

o   Claus & Paws – Peggy – We WON’T be having it this year. We felt (and Santa was booked) that focusing on improving the Run.Walk.Stroll was better for raising monie for the Foundation.

o   12-3 Stellar Holiday Party! J – Be sure to RSVP!

o   Moreland Holiday Party – It’s going to be at Mike’s House this year! Dana graciously volunteered Mike. J Can’t wait! We will be having Karaoke again, so dust off those pipes.

Education Opportunities       

·        10/21 – What to know when dealing with the Elderly @ MO     2-3pm                                1CE

·        10/28 – Contingencies @ WEC                                                             9-12      Register Here               3CE        $25

·        10/31 – Where to Next? Creating Home Sweet Home                Renita

·        11/6 –   Build Small Live Large              8am-7pm               Candace  $125


Consistent Connections: ‘Move out of judgement and move into curiosity’ when asking questions

·        Tuesday 10/20 – First Time Home Buyer seminar @ MO

·        Fall Back postcards from Custom Xpress

·        Elisha Assistance for your business “Your Story is Our Story” or any project you have coming this Fall.
Transaction Master:

·         Electronic signatures on Prom Notes – A change from the state. Thank you, Joe! ATTACHED

·        Agent not being present at inspections – Follow up from last week. ATTACHED Basically – If you’re the buyer’s agent, et the listing agent know (they could say no, you know), and if you’re the listing agent, be sure it’s ok. Highly recommended to have that in an email.

·        Late acceptance Tip: Thanks, Whitney! ATTACHED

Business Savvy: Don’t internalize  – “The sewer is bad and now I have an upset stomach!’

·        Roundtable – How do you effectively prioritize? White board, moxie Works, Outlook, note pad?

Listing Specialist:

·        10-23  Premier Breakfast “The Living Curiously Lifestyle – Becki Saltzman

·        LuxeAnalytics (ATTACHED)

·        VHT Photography – $25 and $40 off coupons Call Melissa Freels at 503-220-1145 – Daniette and Dana highly recommended this photog.

·        Roundtable – Listings – How can you assist more sellers? How can you get in front of them?

·        Listing Pre-lims – an interesting tale