Branch Agent Meetings June 16, 2015

Moreland Branch Meeting 6.16.2015

Treating all people with dignity, respect and equality is the Windermere (Moreland) Way

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I thought rugs ‘fit’ if they didn’t have to go up the side of a wall – However, those who know have different types of rug size measurements that look the BEST.

Renting on the ‘Left Coast’? –  Wow, rents have gone up fast and crazy high out West. Check out the MEDIAN rent in San Francisco right now. AMAZING!

Can the Housing market get high on pot, too?  Apparently so! Here’s what has happened to Denver.


Patty – Price reduction on 15360 Airport Way. Now $185,000

            -Price reduction on 12320 SE 25th Ave.  Now $745,000 – unique Lodge/craftsman on 1acre in Milwaukie

            -38+ acres in Mollala. Slightly sloped, several barns and 1 house. $500,000s. more to come.

Peggy – 6/19 Lake Oswego. 1.2acres, 4bd/2.5ba. $895,000

Reuben/Emily – 2304 SE Tibbetts Bungalow. 2700sqft. 3bd/2ba. Unfinished basement-potential ADU. $577,000

Needs and Wants:

Joylene – Hillsboro. 1acre dividable. Up to $450,000

Patty – Small Condo. Around 740sqft. Johns Landing. $215,000 or under

Dana – Forest Hieghts, 4bd w/yard. $600,000s

            -Mid Century Reedwood area. Up to $600,000

Branch Stuff:                                

  • American Home Shield completed 15 repairs in our clients’ homes last week and paid $2114 in claims.  Five repairs were plumbing, four were appliances, three were heating and one each were swimming pool, air conditioning and electrical. AHS Client Use
  • Concerts in the Park!
  • HOW ABOUT YOUR PARTY???!!! J Patty would LOVE to help you out! Just contact her for ideas, what works, what doesn’t ideas, etc. She is a total rock star!
  • What do you think about having a couple of these on our flyer tower? ATTACHED
  • Pipeline – Emails you send directly to the Pipeline – Always add a note to the Pipeline so Katie and I know the email is there.
  • July 3rd is a Legal Real Estate Holiday – And the office will be closed. J

Education Opportunities

  • 6-16                     The Mobile Agent           9755 SW Barnes Rd #270           1:00 to 3:00       Register Here
  • 6-23-26               Ninja Installation in PDX                                                                                        register
  • 6-24                     Risk Management @ MO Plus FOOD                                    10:00 to 11:00 1.0 CE
  • 6-30                     Seller Carry OREF Forms Webinar @ MO                           2:00 to 3:30 1.5 CE                                                                                         

Consistent Connections:

  • Windermere Golf Tournament July 27th – Last year the foursomes filled out fast! ATTACHED
  • Client Surveys – Sweet!

Business Savvy:

  • Broker Professional Series #6 – Incidents Not Material Facts to Real Property Transactions ATTACHED
  • Coming soon: OREF forms going back to ONE sale agreement, not a buyer and a seller. YAY!
  • Market Action – what is your elevator speech for the May issue? ATTACHED
  •  Do you ever use background music at your Open Houses?
  • If you don’t need to say it in an addendum – Don’t. Remember, who, what, where, but no why.

Listing Specialist:

  • Listings Taken by the Day ATTACHED, and how it will impact First Look.
  • Oregon City FUTURE sign ordinance ATTACHED

Transaction Master:

  • What do you think? You represent seller, buyer has no representation and wants to terminate…..
  • Reminder – When does the Three Day start ATTACHED
  • PMAR Inspection Advisory ATTACHED