Branch Agent Meetings May 12, 2015

Moreland Branch Meeting 5.12.2015

Treating all people with dignity, respect and equality is the Windermere (Moreland) Way


For your Blog:

I actually agree with these ’21 things you used 10 years ago you should get rid of’ article –   I WON’T do all of them, but some of these things are definitely not companies you want to have a lot of stock in.

If a ‘weekend project’ doesn’t include watching sports and drinking a brew, I’m not usually interested.   Maybe not, but here’s TWENTY EIGHT weekend projects to use up half your weekends this year. J

Tiny houses LIVE!   Hey, when small houses in Portland get their own documentary, that’s pretty cool! 


Kathryn – Live 5/8.  SE Flavel. 3bd/2ba. Large attic + basement. New sewer. Corner lot. 2100sqft. $525,000

Robin – Live 5/8.  SE 17th. 3bd/2ba +bonus room. $550,000

  • SE Lexington. 2438sqft. 3bd/2ba. Urban Farm. Big garage possible ADU. $599,000

Joylene – Cathedral Park. 3bd/2.5ba. $332,000
Joe – Oregon City. 2800sqft. 5bs/2.5ba. $325,000
Reuben – next week. Outer SE, Powell Butte. 1500sqft. Full basement. 4bd/3ba. $300,000

Needs and Wants:

Peggy – Pearl Condos

Joylene – 1500sqft. 1 level home. On the eastside. $350,000

  • Hillsboro. 1 acre up to $400,000

Daniette – $175,000 or below. First Time homebuyer
                 – Happy Valley. 1 acre up to $400,000
Renita – has out of town condo buyers
Joe – Condo w/view or South Waterfront. $600,000 – $1,200,000

Branch Stuff:                                

  • Megan, Hank, and Liam, oh my!
  • American Home Shield completed 13 repairs in our clients’ homes last week and paid $1691 in claims.  Seven repairs were appliances, five were plumbing and one was heating.
  • JUNE 5th Community Service Day – T Shirts by May 12th
  • In case you missed Joanie yesterday around 4:30. J
  • Concerts in the Park! $46.30 check should be made out to Portland Parks – get them to Elisha ASAP
  • Welcome Carolyn Morris – Moving up from the ‘desert’.

Education Opportunities

  • 5-8                        Premier Breakfast – Global Luxury Perspective 8:30 to 10:00 $35
  • 5-14                     Risky Business – Jack Graham                                 10:00 to 12:00 @ RH  2 CE
  • 5-18                     The Ninja Nine is the Thing Webinar                    11:00 to 12:00 @ MO
  • 5-19,20               Windermere Symposium                                          Lynnwood $159 (Sign up by May 6th!)
  • 6-23-26               Ninja Installation in PDX                                           register

Business Savvy:

  • Legal Holiday – May 25, 2015.
  • Mobile Friendly Agent Webpages – We went through and know if you’ve made the change yet. If not, we’ll be contacting you. It’s a good thing. J
  • Pocket Listings ADVERTISED? Yep.
  • Specific Performance – it actually is happening in this ‘seller’s market’. (But not often)

Listing Specialist:

  • ADU, and in particular AirBnB, and appraisals. Problems?
  • Some very cool stats coming from Luxury Portfolio. ATTACHED

Transaction Master:

  • Zipforms and their ‘buyer’s sales agreement’ and ‘seller’s sale agreement’. What a pain.

Windermere Mortgage – Clayton Scott