Branch Agent Meetings April 14, 2015

Moreland Branch Meeting 4.14.2015

For your Blog:

THIS caught my attention “Is your house haunted or just dirty?”   Though it won’t change the minds of those who love the paranormal, interesting stuff.

A classic ‘wants v. needs’ situation.  Who WANTS to move and who actually moves. They can actually track this stuff which is a bit scary.

Green Cleaning – Is that Portland or what???   Before you reach for your hazmat suit to wash your house (and other cleaning projects at home), check out some environmentally (and cheaper) options. The fish will thank you.


Patty – SE 15th  3bd Ranch – FIXER $299,999

Robin – 1739 SE Lexington 4bd/2ba. Cool backyard. $599,000

Needs and Wants:

Candace – up to $500,000 in Westfield High School Distrct

Bill – Milwaukie 3bd/2ba. 1 level. $350,000

Robin – Eastmoreland. $600,000 cash. Empty nesters

  • Westmoreland/Eastmoreland/Woodstock. $700,000
  • Eastmoreland. Semi done. 3bd upstairs. Flat Yard. $850,000

Branch Stuff:                                

  • American Home Shield completed seven repairs in our clients’ homes last week and paid $1076 in claims.  Four repairs were appliances, two were plumbing and one was electrical.
  • Charity Chow Down  – April 24th with Renita donning the charity apron! RSVP for the goodies!
  • Windermere Run.Walk.Stroll –THREE each is all we ask! Sign up your runners!!!

Education Opportunities

  • 4-10                     Intro to Senior Transitions class                            10:00 to 2:00    @RH     
  • 4-15                     Transactions on the Go (Lunch & Learn)             1:00 to 2:30    1CE
  • 4-30                     Sewer Class (lunch & Learn)                                    12:00 to 1:00  1CE
  • 5-19,20               Windermere Symposium ATTACHED                   Lynnwood $159

Business Savvy:

  • Legal Holiday – May 29, 2015.
  • Zillow – It’s here to stay, and Windermere took advantage of their business situation with ListHub. And speaking of Zillow and Zestimates……
  • Disclosed Limited Agency – PDX v. Rest of the state – Interesting! ATTACHED
  • Buyer Broker agreements are starting to be used more and more. How does that impact those who don’t use them? 2 ATTACHMENTS
  • PMAR Best Practices – A couple of quick takes.

Listing Specialist:

  • Best Practices on ‘Extending’ a canceled or expired listing.
  • Odds of Selling by Price (March stats)

Transaction Master:

  • OREF Mid Year Form Change ATTACHED
  • Smoke Alarm FAQ cut and paste – Oregon Fire Marshal plus Portland Requirements. ATTACHED

Septic systems – How do you handle ‘inspections’ and pumping and who pays for what? ATTACHED NOTE: Here’s the company Linda has used recently that was very good.  

  • No biggie, but a Steve mild pet peeve on ‘1/30th Buyer’s PITI’. I am redeemed! Title companies IGNORE 1/30th PITI, and do per diem on a 365 day year. So ‘Buyer’s PITI’ is actually the correct way to write it. I will accept both ways, though.

Windermere Mortgage – Clayton Scott: