Branch Agent Meetings March 24, 2015

Moreland Branch Meeting 3.24.2015

Treating all people with dignity, respect and equality is the Windermere (Moreland) Way

Noticed that my EVERY BRANCH meeting goal of posting on this site hasn't happened. I'll try better, but if you're following (and you know who you are :-)), know that we have meetings almost every week. So endeth the disclosure.

For your Blog:

Please clean the carbon off of your footprints, please.   See how the ‘other’ 31,999 zipcodes compare to yours.

You know what comes with Portland being high on the list of vacancy rates?   Yep – rent going up. We’re growing at one of the fastest rates.

Spring has sprung and so have the weeds!   And so have the hottest trends in outdoor living. Cool!


Bill – Condo. NE 100th near Gateway. HOA about $130/month. $135,000

Needs and Wants:

Dana – Eastmoreland with Pool

  • 1 level in Happy Valley under $350,000

Branch Stuff:                                

  • American Home Shield completed 11 repairs in our clients’ homes last week and paid $2,221 in claims.  Four repairs each were Appliances and heating, two were electrical and one was plumbing.
  • Moreland agent client AHS expenses paid.
  • New Stellar sales last week – WOW!
  • Charity Chow Down + Branch Party was AWESOME! Now for April…. Volunteer?
  • Windermere Run.Walk.Stroll – Update – TEN each is all we ask! Sign up your runners!!!

Education Opportunities

  • 3-25                     Estate and Administration Class                             1:00 to 3:00       @ MO               2CE
  • 4-10                     Intro to Senior Transitions class                            10:00 to 2:00    @RH     
  • 5-19,20               Windermere Symposium                                          Lynnwood $159

Business Savvy:

  • Mobile Friendly Agent Websites and Google Search prioritization.
  • Portland Business Tax FAQ (ATTACHED)
  • SWMBA booth at our Farmer’s Market. Let me know if you’d like to host one.

Listing Specialist:

  • Article 1, Standard of Practice 1-15. J
  • Something you should NOT do. (And I know you wouldn’t…..  but an agent did!)
  • Authorization to Exclude – Then CAN NOT be ‘TBD’, RMLS won’t allow it.
  • She’s an Aaaa lien,  Aaaaa lien on the floor! But for FIRPTA, maybe not. (ATTACHED)

Transaction Master:

  • Preliminary Title links – Follow up
  • Earnest money made non-refundable and released to seller. Careful! (ATTACHED)
  • Broker Professional Series #3 – Square Footage in Residential Sales
  • Bill Story

Windermere Mortgage – Clayton Scott: