Branch Agent Meetings September 30, 2014

Moreland Branch Meeting 9.30.2014

For your Blog:

A checklist for what maintenance to do on your home now. Good list, but I’m not exactly sure why they call it ‘Mid Year’ Checklist. They must have a longer calendar than me.

Repackaging Portlandia.  This is the first time I haven’t changed a title at least a smidge. You can’t get better than that for a look at the Urban plan that’s going to be coming down the pike in years ahead. A must read.

130 Year old Baggage and Carriage getting $5Mill renovation.   I think I went to this building for a teen dance once (the word ‘teen’ could give you a clue how long ago THAT was. J


Patty: 6525 NE Skidmore St. 3BD/1BA/1480SF 2-story Bungalow w/bonus rm over garage. $315,000

Linda: 1715 SE 59th Ave. 3BD/2BA/2536SF Bungalow. 1 block from Mt. Tabor park. On tour. $449,900

Dana: 7941 SE 35th Ave. 3BD/2BA/2898SF English. New garage & roof. On tour; new price. $629,000

Robin: 24 Morningview Cir. 4BD/3.1BA/2817SF Contemp w/great views. On tour. $535,000

Reuben: 3526 SE 14th Ave. 4BD/2.1BA/2492SF. New Const- done in 1 month. Full-sized lot. $620,000

Ann: 4319 SE 115th Ave. 2BD/1BA/1000SF. Fixer, but just make an offer! $139,000

Peggy: Happy Valley 4BD/3BA mid-century modern. Completely redone. Avail soon. $385,000

Needs and Wants:

Joylene: Need move-in ready (ish) in any Eastside area close to a walkable neighborhood. Up to $250,000

               Need fixer in Lake Oswego or SW Hills up to $600,000

Dana: Need home in Eastmoreland with pool (2 different buyers both want this!)

Julianna: Need home in Cedar Hills up to $400,000

               Need 2 or 3BD in Hawthorne/Belmont area. Up to $450,000

               Need investment property on Eastside or Westside near Nike. Up to $110,000

Daniette: Need Craftsman semi-fixer in North Portland area. Up to $350,000

Robin: Need mid-century in Lake Oswego. Up to $950,000

               Need Eastmoreland English w/master suite. Up to $675,000

Branch Stuff:                              

  • NO Branch Meeting next Tuesday the 7th. Blame (or thank) Ron Rogers – I’ll be golfing with him.
  • Holiday Party – yes, we’re thinking about this early! Possibly at Relish or Lake Theater & Café (Candace’s venue)? Steve’s band could play?! So many options…
  • Naming the East, West, North South Moreland video. J
  • October 16th – Windermere Foundation Event – Arrivederci Wine Bar and Restaurant – Let’s shoot for 25 tickets from Moreland. That would be FIVE HUNDRED dollars for our branch. I’m in for 4 – 21 to go!
  • ‘Third Thursday Monthly Foundation Lunch’ –Julianna will be the October 16th  Inaugural Chef!
  • Tomorrow at 7:30pm is the Sellwood Moreland Business Alliance meeting (at the S.M.I.L.E.  Station) regarding the construction of a new 4-story building at SE 13th & Spokane. Attend if wanting to add opinion or hear more details!

Education Opportunities

  • 10/7-8 – 8;30 to 4:00  Senior Real Estate Specialist 10 CE HBA $149 register
  • 10-9    9:00 to 4:30      NAR Tech Training $49         
  • 10-16   1:00 to 2:00    Appraisals – what you need to know 1CE @ MO
  • 10/18 – 9:00 to 5:00  Building an ADU $125 7 CE Hours
  • 10-22     1:00 to 2:00  Realtor Tax Advice  @ MO
  • 10/22 –  1:00 to 4:00 Apps for iPads and Paperless Transactions – Home Builders on Bangy
  • 10/28-31 – Ninja Installation IN PDX! Home Builders Association $650.  Register here

Transaction Master:

  • What’s YOUR take on RMLS area codes and possible changes?
  • Those eleventh hour closing extensions. 98% of the time, it works out, but…..
  • Yay, the home appraised! And then…… what can show up on a ‘subject to’ list.
  • Another thing to check with the lender on ‘Occupancy after Closing’ – How much per day is OK?
  • Attorney Take – Fill in ALL lines – even those that say ‘if not filled in’….
  • Attorney Take 2 – If you act like an ‘expert’ (say on ONE thing during the inspection), then you will be held to the higher standard of ‘expert’ on EVERYTHING
  • Verbiage on Septic Systems: Say Septic SYSTEM, not Septic TANK. “Septic system to be inspected during inspection period.

Expert Advisor:

  • PDX Zoning Codes – The printout is 1,581 pages! Is ANYONE an expert? Here’s the link  However, there is a just a list of the zones (Attached)

Listing Specialist:

  • Are you on Pinterest? You can sync Circle Pix to it. (Attached)
  • 10-1 9:30 to 10:30 @ RH – Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Affiliation (ATTACHED)


MyWindernet is currently being revamped and you will likely see the change happen today! Although the site might look very different, it will work very similarly to how it did before and have all the same resources. Also, it will now have a customizable favorites section on the front page- cool!

Andy Blubaugh – Potboiler Story Company – Video Marketing Presentation

Potboiler Media Management team will be here at the Moreland office on October 10th to work with anyone who would like to make a video for their website. Pricing will depend on what extent of service you want; Steve will have more information shortly!

Clayton Scott – Windermere Mortgage:

Free credit score is NOT the same as mortgage credit score! You can go to and pay $19.95 to find more accurate score applicable to mortgage.