Branch Agent Meetings May 28, 2014

Moreland Branch Meeting 5.20.2014

Pretty amazing construction graph! It’s really interesting to see how single family, multi-family and remodel dollars have followed such different paths the last few years. Check it out!

Wake Up! Wake Up! Were you on the Ramblin’ Rod show? Heck Harper?   This is a nifty article with some video of the ‘old days’ in good old PDX.  PS – I was on Ramblin’ Rod, Heck Harper, AND Mr. Duffy’s Cartoon Circus!

The Sellwood bridge project has been a pain, but what happens when they go home for the day? Well, how about spending millions of dollars AND here’s a cool story about one of the workers. Nice!

Listings:                                                                                         Needs and Wants:

Branch Stuff:                               

  • Client Surveys!
  • American Home Shield last week paid 12 claims for $2,115.
  • Community Service Day is Friday, June 20th. T Shirt orders and Photo Release sigs due by THIS FRIDAY! May 30th.
  • July is CONCERTS IN THE PARK month! Be sure to get your $52 check payable to Portland Parks to Elisha.
  • Julianna and the Windermere  Foundation:
    • Check Presentation
    • Windermere Foundation Golf Tourney @ Columbia Edgewater! Sweet! July 30th
    • Moreland Fundraiser

Education Opportunities

  • 5-28  Working with Investors @ RH 1:00 to 2:00 1 CE
  • 6-1  Portland’s ADU Tour $25 Register at:
  • 6-5 Database and Moxi Works with Todd Steinberg – 2:00 to 3:00 @ MO
  • 6-25 Investment Addendums – Ron Howard 2:00 to 3:00 @ MO
  • 6-26 Evernote Tech Workshop – Fidelity 1:00 to 2:00 @ MO
  • 6-24 to 27 NINJA INSTALLATION @ Home Builders 8:30 to 5:00 each day $650

Transaction Master:

  • Dual Agency situation (attached) Just one page – if you weren’t at the meeting, be sure to read.
  • How many inspections CAN a buyer have? Can the seller say no? How do you council your clients?
  • Do you have ‘verification of earnest money being at escrow’ on your transaction checklist?
  • Floods! Earthquakes! Fire! Landslides! Some great links (attached) This is the LAST page of the ‘May2014 Legal-Update’ pdf. These links are highly recommended for you to keep.

Consistent Connections:

  • Candace Blog – Nifty blog – hey it can be fun AND easy!

Listing Specialist:

  • Multnomah County Graph (Attached) Or if you need another graph like this for one of your listing presentations, just let me know. Candace already has!

Windemere Mortgage – Clayton Scott