Branch Agent Meetings May 7, 2014

Moreland Branch

Para su blog:

The heck with ‘sky blue waters’ or Rocky Mountain highs, PDX is the KING of Beer towns! .  I think this amps up our street cred, don’t you?

Considering we’re the #1 beer town, this must mean nerds drink a lot?  I’m not going to make a tee shirt saying ‘We’re #8 in Nerdy-ness, but then again, nerds have been known to make some serious beer money.


Listas:                                                                              Necesidades y Deseos:
 NO Branch Meeting Next Week May 13th.

Material Oficina:                                     

  • American Home Shield last week paid 17 claims for $3,131.75.
  • Community Service Day is Friday, June 20th. Mark your calendars!
  • July is CONCERTS IN THE PARK month! 7th – The Quick & Easy Boys 14th – Pilon D’Azucar THIS IS THE WINDERMERE SPONSOR NIGHT 21st– Love Gigantic 28th Robert Moore 4th – The Wonderlust Orchestra
  • Legal Holiday – Memorial Day – May 27th.
  • Windermere Foundation Golf Tourney @ Columbia Edgewater! Sweet! July 30th

Las oportunidades educativas

5-8    Regulatory Reform @ MO 1:00 to 2:00  1 CE

  • 5-14   New Construction Updates @ MO 1:00 to 2:00 1 CE
  • 5-16  Luxury RE Marketing – Premier Breakfast @ MAC $30
  • 5-19  Winning in a Competitive Market Webinar @ MO 11:00 to 12:00.
  • 5-19 to 21 Pro-Start 1 @ Home Builders 9:00 to 4:00 each day $299 for Pro-Start 1&2
  • 5-21  Working with Investors @ MO 1:00 to 2:00

5-22 SentriLock Training May 22 in East Portland (three sessions available)

5-22 Reputation Management @ MO 1:00 to 2:00.

Las Conexiones:

  • Moxi Works – LIVE! We’ll be getting some classes for you, and Katie and Elisha know this stuff!
  • Foundation print and web presentation sheets (attached.)

Especialista Listado:

  • Authorization to Exclude is b-a-c-k and LIVE. (attached) What should you do now?
  • Appreciating vs Declining marketing graph (attached)
  • Portland Odds of Selling by Price Range (attached)
  • Flood Insurance change info (attached)
  • ‘Central Air’ – but ONLY on the second floor – how should you handle it?

Inteligencia empresarial:

  • Have your certs ready when you renew your license!! (And if you renewed the last couple of months, too.)

Windemere Hipoteca – Clayton Scott