Branch Agent Meetings February 25, 2014

Moreland Sales Meeting 2.25.2014

For your Blog:

It’s Oregon, right? Our well-being should be off the charts! Well….   Actually we’re kind of in the middle of the pack. Washingtonians and Californians are both ‘more well’- go figure!

Down by the Ri –ver, My insurance went sky high!  The Federal Flood Insurance program was set to impact a LOT of people in flood zones. However, the legislature has at least delayed it. Check it out.

Hey, the Oregonian’s take on the Portland real estate market is spot on!  They sometimes look for the sensational, which probably boosts profits, but this low inventory and rising prices article is what we’re all seeing.

No, you really can’t see this on your phone, but please take the time to look on your computer!  This is SO cool! From the ridiculously small to the ridiculously large, you’ll want to take your time on this!

Needs & Wants:

  • Julianna: up to $350,000 with 3BD close in, near good elementary school
  • Candace: condos downtown for a downsizing buyer
  • Robin: 2 buyers up to $700,000; one wants lots of light. 2 other buyers looking in Lake Oswego, 1 up to $750,000 and 1 up to $500,000. Let’s help her out!
  • Dana: East Moreland homes between $500,000 and $800,000, hopefully close to Bybee. Also looking in Hillsboro up to $350,000.

Branch Stuff:

  • American Home Shield made 9 repairs for a total of $2,112. Appliances, heating and plumbing, oh my!
  • Elisha – Some Web Access Outlook tips – pretty cool!
  • March 1 from 8 to 11:30 – Flapjack FUN-draiser for Meals on Wheels @ the Thelma Skelton Center (attached)
  • How are your pool (billiards) skills? We’re thinking of another Lloyd Tower challenge!
  • Paaaar-tay!

Education Opportunities

  • 2-27 Website Workshop 1:30 to 2:30 @ MO (Business Builder)
  • 3-13 RMLS Trade Fair
  • 3-14 to 3-18 Ninja Installation in Eugene REGISTER
  • 3-19  Mail Chimp and Outlook Mail Merge 1:00 to 2:30 @ MO
  • 3-19  First Time Buyer Seminar with Clayton Scott 6:00 to 7:30 @ MO

Business Savvy:

  • Home Price Appreciation Graph (Attached)
  • Portland and Multnomah Taxing FAQ for Realtors (Attached)

Listing Specialist:

  • Office Exclusives – They’re A Big Deal (attached) This is effective next week, and we’ll know more specific information about what RMLS is going to police and how we can all avoid a $1,000 penalty after the PMAR Owner’s Forum on Thursday. Stay tuned!
  • Circle Pix is coming! (And Listings to Leads is leaving) WAY better platform and training will be soon!
  • Cool new RMLS Stat sheets (attached)

Transaction Master:

  • Buyer and Seller ‘Turn-Offs’ Yes?
  • Title Companies
    • Divorces
    • Seller Concessions with reduced commissions
  • Forum: Do you think a thorough search for closed permits is part of a Realtor’s ‘standard care’? Good discussion!!

Windermere Mortgage – Clayton Scott – Rates have been flat the last couple of weeks, and Jumbos are still lower than conventional.