Branch Agent Meetings November 1, 2013

Moreland Sales Meeting 10.29.2013

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5 Things I should know, but don’t know I need to know, you know?   Sometimes these ‘5 Things’ lists can be pretty weak, but these 5 about what Buyers need to know are really good. The first one alone is great.

Got your Property Tax Statement yet? I think the line in this article ‘basing taxes on a decoupled assessed value cushioned the blow’ sums up how confusing it all is. This is a quick read, but it’s important info to know.

Portland AVERAGE? Say it isn’t so!  – We may be close to #1 in beer, but we’re kinda middle of the pack in ‘economic vibrancy’. However, their figures on appreciation look low.

An EIGHTY room tree house? “If you build me a tree house, I’ll get you the supplies’. I know of an Arc and a Baseball Diamond that got build with words like that. Pretty amazing, though the fire marshal isn’t as impressed.


  • Linda–1125 NW 9th Ave. 1BD/1BA – $249,900

Windermere Mortgage – Clayton Scott

  • Interest rates are at a 4-month low
  • Custom construction loan program now available
  • Mortgage Credit Certificate Program for first-time home buyers in city of Portland who meet the income criteria

Needs & Wants:
Bill—has buyers looking in Milwaukie & SE; 3BD/2BA up to $250,000
           Multnomah Village duplex going back on the market – $340,000
Peggy—NEXT WEEK: 2BD/2BA in Tigard – $259,000
Ben—new listing in North Portland (above Lombard), 3BD/2BA – $260,000
Candace—new listing at Portland Plaza, 2BD/2BA – $399,000
                     Has investor client looking for house up to $500,000
Kathy—NEXT WEEK: 3BD/2BA on 41st – $395,000
               3714 SE Knapp St. – $359,000
               NEXT WEEK: 4BD/3BA home in Eastmoreland – $525,000
Julianna—has buyer looking for the perfect front porch…
Reuben—has investor client looking for short sales (particularly condos, also single-family homes)

Branch Stuff:

  • Savory Spice Shop Gift Ideas – Anne & Jim Brown
  • Email – Be sure to go to to set up your signature (and other stuff)
  • It’s beginning to look a lot like …… a Moreland Christmas party!
  • Coat & Blanket Drive! – Bring in your donations & be sure send out an invite to your clients!!
  • Poinsettia Orders for the Windermere Foundation
  • Client Questionnaires

Upcoming Education Opportunities:

  • 10/30 – Windermere Technology Summit – 8:00 to 4:00, $99 Last chance to register here!
  • 11/15 – Premier Breakfast @ MAC – Pat Stone and the 2014 Economic Forecast – Register here!
  • 11/18 – Flood Insurance Webinar, 9:30 to 10:30. Are you interested in attending on a Monday?
  • 11/19-22 – Ninja Installation – Lake Forest Park, WA $595  Register here!

Transaction Master:

  • Lateral Moves – Make sure the lender is on top of it!

Expert Advisor:

  • Did you know? The 1st PDX Sewage treatment plant was built in 1954. Guess where the sewage went in 1953? Plus a couple of other sewer bits. J

Business Savvy:

  • Open House Transitions Roundtable
    • Getting from ‘Rapport to Contact Information’ (Plus what contact information do you need?)
    • Getting from Showing them another home to them being YOUR clients.
  • Special Event: November 5th Meeting – Checklist Tune Up Roundtable! Don’t be an “On-Accident Realtor.”

Listing Specialist:

  • November is Listing Presentation Month! Workshop sign up times will be out this week. Fun!

Byte Size Tech – Tony Rossell with Lawyers Title
-New iPad released
-Google’s new laptop/tablet
-Bendable glass?? Check out this awesome video:
-Benefits of the Evernote app