Branch Agent Meetings July 30, 2013

Moreland Sales Meeting 7.30.2013

Our very own Patty Brockman representing the Moreland Agents!

For your Blog:

I thought ‘Kissmetrics’ was about something completely different.   – It’s a cool site about marketing, and this article on color is pretty interesting. The marketers know WAY too much about me!

If you are looking for a ‘Destination Neighborhood’, you’d best have at least 6 of these 10 requirements.  –  I’m still trying to figure out how I would tell people I lived in a destination neighborhood without sounding a bit pretentious. However…. Check these requirements out.

Well THIS graphic on home starts the past seven years is pretty clear.   – Sometimes data is, well, data. This graph showing why builders are so enthusiastic is very easy to see. The article is good as well.

Ever have the urge to know how many liquor stores per capita there are in the Tri-County area?  Probably not, though my guess as to how many we have was actually way too high. Turns out Washington County needs to up their game!  Oh, and this site shows Farmer’s Markets, Recreation, and other nifty stats.


Jeff – 5042 SE Flavel Dr. (BOM) – 3BD/2BA, $329,000

Chris – 878 7th St. – 4BD/3.1BA, $889,500

Reuben – 1150 NE Horizon Loop – 3BD/2BA, $199,900

Ben – Brightwood St. off Walker Rd before Nike, 3BD/1.1BA, 2 car attached garage, $265,000

Ben –Coming soon… 72nd & Tabor, $365,000, 4BD/2BA, 2100 sq.ft., corner lot, big backyard, hot tub

Jeff – Coming soon… 10258 SW 69th Pl. – 4BD/2.1BA, new countertops, $374,000

Jeff – Coming soon… 2304 NE Multnomah Blvd. – 4BD/2BA, $475,000 (approx).

Peggy – Coming soon… Northgate listing

Needs and Wants

Candace – looking for Condo Downtown.

Branch Stuff:

  • Concerts in the Park – YES! Last week and a GREAT band. Get your clients down there!
  • Agent Videos – Let’s do it! I’ll be calling – the prize is awesome and it will be great fun. I’ll be having a brainstorming meeting next week.
  • This Thursday from 4-8 pm, our meeting room will be in a video shoot. They’ll be limiting parking in front and on the 16th. Should be fun!
  • Golf Tourney and Helicopter Golf Ball Drop – there’s still time!
    • Purchase golf balls for the drop from Tori at the Front desk.


  • 8/8 – Home Buyer Seminar – Clayton Scott – 6-7:30pm @ Moreland (and your clients are invited!)
  • 8/12-14  – PRO START
  • 8/21 – RE Tech for the non-techies – Cary Perkins – 1-2pm @ Raleigh Hills


Transaction Master:

  • AHS to the rescue.
  • How you terminate, and if you can terminate makes all the difference! Case Study.
  • What order of priority do appraisers use for comparable sales? (list attached) Remember that the appraiser has to exhaust the first option on the list before they can go to the second, etc. If it ever gets to the LAST option, they are just fishing.
  • Portland Maps Tip when they go looking for crime stats.
    • Tell your clients to check their neighborhood stats before they check other neighborhoods. This helps show the reality of stats in a comparison format.

Business Savvy:

  • Do you feel ‘lucky’ when your clients complain? Maybe you should! It’s SO much better to be in a position where you can possibly resolve the issue. If they don’t tell you they’re unhappy, but tell everyone else (as they will) it is so much worse. Going in with this attitude can really help.
  • Sweet new map feature on RMLS.
    • You can do 3 different map searches, without having to do 3 separate searches!

Listing Specialist:

  • Prediction on real estate appreciation levels. I think we’re ahead of the curve at the moment. (attached)