Branch Agent Meetings May 21, 2013

Moreland Sales Meeting 5.21.2013

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5 Videos to help you look less ugly in pictures – I usually try and spice up a title to an interesting article, but this one stands ALL on its own. There are some nice tips and if you are one who hates to have their picture taken, I’d check this link out.

Wells Fargo Forecloses a man who OVER paid on his mortgage?? You’d think with all their shadow inventory, playing tough on dumb fine print that creates another home on the books is truly insane. But….. there you go – they that have all the money make the rules.

Windermere Agent saves Planet Earth! Well… no. but our very own Patty Brockman WILL save hundreds of people from getting scammed. Yea Patty!

I’m not finding my favorite Two Buck Chuck on this list. Mmmm…  A quick check on the Top 5 Oregon Vineyards. I was surprised by number one.


Ron – Coming soon … 41st – 3BD/1.1BA, $389,000

Julianna – Coming soon … Townhouse [] coming on the market just after Memorial Day – $305-310,000,

Linda – Coming soon … Jamieson Rd – 3BD/2BA, 1 level with upstairs bonus rooms, quarter of an acre, $339,900

Candace – Coming soon … Townhouses in LO

  • Boones Ferry Rd – $279,000 End unit
  • 2nd St. – 2BD/2.1BA, $379,000

Needs and Wants:

Linda – needs rental anywhere in this area.

Candace – 3BD in Milwaukie

Ron – Condo in John’s Landing area around $230,000

Julianna – Still looking on the Westside for extended family around Jackson Middle School up to $350-400,000

Julianna – Still looking for front porch…

Daniette – Still looking in NE Alameda/Alberta area.

Branch Stuff:

  • Who had a nice sale? TEN Sales – Woot!
  • New parking spot – Courtesy of Tom Brown. Thanks Tom!
  • No Sales Meeting next week.
  • Memorial Day is next Monday (5/27). This is a legal real estate holiday and the office will be closed.
  • Summer Concerts – Windermere Sunglasses giveaway
    • MONEY DUE JUNE 1st – $60/person if everyone participates. Starting Mondays in July after the 4th. Make checks out to “Portland Parks”.
  • New Printer I.P. addresses and New Wireless network
    • Talk to Brianne or Tori about installing new Printer I.P. addresses to your computer
    • Talk to Brianne or Tori about connecting to the new Wireless network WIN_AGENT
  • Windermere receives Bridge Builder award – NICE!
  • ProSchools 20% discount for CE classes. Code: “WindMore”
  • Custom Express – Get to know the Image Editor. “Online Resources – Image Gallery User Guide”
  • Brianne will be on vacation from May 31st – June 6th. Please do your best to fully complete your paperwork (i.e. Transaction Memos) for Tori while Brianne is away.


  • 5/22 – Short Sale Secrets for Buyer Agents – 11-12pm @ LT (1CE)
  • 5/29 – Self Directed IRA – 1-2pm @ MO (1 CE)
  • 5/30 – Tax Assessment & the Appeal Process – 10-11am @ LT (1 CE)
  • 5/31 – Get Connected with Office 365 – 10-11am @ MO (BB)
  • 6/6 – Short Sale Secrets for Buyers – 10-11am @ RH (1 CE)
  • 6/6 – Real Estate Photography – 10-11am @ LT (BB)
  • 6/13 – Earthquakes & Landslides in Oregon – 1-3pm @ RH (2 CE)


Transaction Master

  • Mutual Agreement is WHEN?
    • You have to have notification of mutual agreement. Mutual agreement is not reached until you have given/received notification.
  • The Professional Repair Addendum – what do you do as a listing agent when the contract states both buyer and seller to pay for an inspection?
  • – Nice website to share with your buyers / sellers.

Consistent Connections

  • Concerts in the Park Postcard coming soon.
  • June pop-by ideas? Do a couple – you’ll like it!!!
    • Lemonade packets
  • 5/23 – Meet, Greet, and Eat Sellwood Business Alliance –6-8pm @ the SMILE station

Expert Advisor: 

  • Builder Confidence at the highest level since February 2007!
  • Market Action – What talking points are you using?

Business Savvy:

  • Reminder on photos on your website: If you Google and then click on ‘Free Photos of Cute Puppies’, it doesn’t mean they’re free to use.

Listing Specialist:

  • Authorization to Exclude gets a little more complicated. Pick your marketing date wisely. You have 72 hours to put it up on RMLS.

Vacant Homes and City codes.  Just try and remember!