Branch Agent Meetings April 2, 2013

Moreland Sales Meeting 4.2.2013

Does baking Chocolate Chip Cookies at an Open House REALLY help the home to sell?   My first response is ‘I don’t care if I get one of the cookies’. However, I digress. This is a very interesting smelly article. J

The South Waterfront Neighborhood?  When I look at the grounds around South Waterfront, all I really remember is that amazing floating Service Station. However, they are getting past the growing pains and starting to BE a neighborhood. Check it out.

About that Primary Residence Capital Gains Exemption –   When they changed this tax law where you had to live in the home for two out of the last five years to get the $250K (Individual) $500K (Couple) exemption, I thought I knew that easy rule. However, it’s changed from time to time under the radar. Here’s the current exemption scoop – with examples.

9 Reasons Your Neighbors Hate You?  THAT’S a catchy title! But really, I’M not guilty of ANY of these things. It’s all my NEIGHBORS who have the issues. J


Renita – 11930 NE Stanton St. 3BD

Candace – 2249 NE Couch St. – 3BD/2BA, $459,000, community garden plot, separate entrance to downstairs

Kathy – Condo(on the market soon) main level, 2BD/ hardwood floors, redone, parking spot, 800 sq.ft., $190,000

Robin – NE 35th (By the Kennedy School), 4BD/2BA, $399,000

Bill – Coming on soon – Westside 3BD/1.1BA, Creek through .3 lot, funky ranch, converted rooms, low $300,000’s

Linda – 3637 NE Alameda St. 3BD/1.1BA, $499,900

Peggy – Townhome SW – 3BD/3BA, $249,000, no HOA’s

Peggy – Old River Rd (LO), 1.2 acres, refinished, $850,000

Needs and Wants:

Candace – 2 Condo buyers $500,000

Bill – under $200,000 buyers – anything location wide open!

Kathy – Buyer looking for anything on Knapp or Henderson with view – open price

Kathy – Buyers Relocating from Reno 2BD/2BA up to $550,000

Jeff – SW/LO/Hillsdale area, up to $350,000

Daniette – Mt. Tabor 2,500 sq.ft., yard for garden, up to $515,000

Kathryn – several buyers mid-century up to $300,000 anywhere!

Larry Kendall Tips – from Brian Allen

  • Tell Buyers to always have their “top three” houses on a rolling list. Constantly keep and update, if one doesn’t work out there will always be 2 more to fall back on.
    • This will help with multiple offer situations
  • The “Cream puff” conversation – Do you want to be prepared to be competitive for a multiple offer deal? If you’re not willing to go into that “cream puff” deal – why bother?
    • Do you have excess cash, are you willing to waive the appraisal.
    • This will help them set expectations.

Branch Stuff:

  • Customer Service Questionnaires
  • April 9th from 5-6pm – Joanie will be at the Scoop-a–thon at Ben and Jerry’s at Pioneer Square.


  • 4/03 – Easements & Maintenance Agreements – 1-2pm @ MO (1 CE)
  • 4/04 – Business Organization – 10-11am @ LT (1 CE)
  • 4/11 – Investment Analysis & Tax Exchanges – 1-3pm @ MO (2 CE)
  • 4/17 – Foundations Solutions – 11-12pm @ MO (1 CE)
  • 4/18 – Loan Programs & Your Client’s Buying Power – 12-1pm @ MO (1 CE)
  • 4/23-26 – Ninja Installation in Portland $595

Consistent Connections

  • 2013 Baseball Schedules on Custom Express

Transaction Master

  • Contingent Offers – What Form should you use ‘Contingent Right to Purchase’ or ’24-72 Hour Contingency’?
  • Some Verbiage I’m not in love with”
    • ‘All Appliances’
    • ‘All Appliances listed in RMLS’
    • ANY line referencing the RMLS data sheet
    • ‘Seller to pay up to 3% of buyers closing costs and pre-paids’
    • 1/30 Buyer’s PITI
  • Interesting interpretation of the Escalation Clause.
  • Four ways to deal with disagreeable people.
  • AGENT DISCUSSION: What do you do when your client is NOT behaving well, acting in their own best interest, or ignoring all your advice… and still be on their side?

Expert Advisor:

  • Some VERY cool new RMLS reports to send to your clients. Here’s the summary and how to find them (Hint – it isn’t easy.)
    • Median sale Price by Month and Year (Attached)
    • Closed Sales by Month and Year (Attached)
    • RMLS Summary by Month and Year (Attached)
  • WHEN should you ‘spend the money’ on legal advice?

Listing Specialist:

  • 10 Questions and phrases to pressure appraisers to ‘hit the number’.
  • Anyone still using the OLD Windermere CMA? It will be going away in May. If you need help with the new CMA, talk to Tori or Brianne. We’ll be having more info on migration as we get closer to the date.
  • TouchCMA- TODAY April 2nd – You need to upgrade your app. Go to the App Store to see if you have 2.2.0 or higher.