Branch Agent Meetings March 19, 2013

Moreland Sales Meeting 3.19.2013

Is this another Portlandia moment or a really super cool moment?   OK, I’m sure someone could argue the other way, but the fact that most PGE Portland streetlights will be LED by the end of 2014 is awesome.

How ‘Vintage’ will the new Woodstock urban subdivision be?  Based on discussions at this point, we can say cautiously optimistic.  So here’s hoping!

Want to know how long it will take you to get to work from different homes?  A  S-W-E-E-T tool.  It even tells you costs for gas, and how long it will take you on your bike!

Ever note that Evernote could actually be amazing?  I’m totally in agreement with this article – especially about the ‘I don’t get it’ part of this product. This is worth a quick read to see if it can help you.



Renita – 15915 NE Siskiyou St. – 3BD/3BA, $230,000

Ben – 341 NE 76th Ave. – 2BD/1BA, Built in 1907, $239,000

Patty – 1913 NE Ridgewod Dr. – 2BD/1BA, Master on main, Hardwood floors, 60’s style kitchen, French doors, glass knobs, built-in fireplace, $290,000

Peggy – BOM – 18383 Old River Dr. – 4BD/4.1BA, 1.2 acres, pool and spa, brand new carpeting, new price! $850,000

Candace – LO Condo (currently rented) by appt only.

Needs and Wants:

Peggy – Milwaukie or SE looking for short term rental for 6 weeks

Megan – Westmoreland/Sellwood area, up to $450,000

Megan – Milwaukie/Oregon City area, up to $350,000

Patty – Westmoreland area, up to $600,000

Branch Stuff:

  • First Look Tour – Take Three ‘New and Improved!’
  • Be thinking of Summer Fundraisers – Windermere Foundation.
  • has a new look and new digital campaign.
  • More CCRGI Tech (though you won’t see it) on the way. A VERY good thing.
  • More Windermere Tech (and you CAN see it!)
  • iPad tech tip: Have Chrome on your iPad if Safari doesn’t work.
  • Some Windermere Portland Stats. Sweet!
    • Our office sales average is $332,000!


  • 3/18-20 – ProStart $95 or $10 per credit hour
  • 3/22 – Windermere CMA & TouchCMA 1-2pm @ MO (1 BB)
  • 3/27 – Understanding Historic Homes in Portland – 1-2pm @ MO (1 BB)
  • 3/29 – Selling a Rented House 2-3pm @ RH (1 CE)
  • 4/23-26 – Ninja Installation in Portland $595

Consistent Connections

  • Speaking of Connections – A quick list making exercise. J
    • And for the rest… FLOW
      • 3 contacts a month
      • The contacts need to be relevant and have value
      • Goal: Just TWO notes a day – Thank you, Thinking of You, Congratulations
  • Well… not ME! Ever have PDS? (Prima Donna Syndrome?)
  • You aren’t that important, and that’s a good thing.
  • Be nice.
  • Adopt the phrase “I’m Easy” (except on a date).
  • Keep the situation situational (comparing it to what others are going through at this very moment).
  • Just be cool. Make it a mantra.
  • Sponsorships for full page ad (also gets in Sellwood Bee & Examiner) – Talk to Steve.
  • Cleveland High School Foundation marketing opportunity

Transaction Master

  • Portland Metro Average Sales Price Progress (ATTACHED)

Expert Advisor:

  • Windermere in Cabo!
  • Windermere Relocation Referrals
  • Cool ‘Card View’ Search Results View on your Webpage
  • Drive Time Feature
  • Market Action – What do you tell your clients about 1.) Average price 2.) 114 Days on Market?
    • It depends on location – if clients want specific location stats have them contact you.
    • It’s Price specific
  • Roundtable Question: With appreciation at its current levels, how long do you think it will be for people to have enough equity to put their homes on the market? How about YOUR clients?

Listing Specialist:

  • Photos on the new Windermere App look WAY better when pulled from the Windermere Photo Gallery and not RMLS.