Branch Agent Meetings March 12, 2013

Moreland Sales Meeting 3.12.2013

If  it’s Trulia it’s got to be True?   Ummmm,  not that we’ve noticed. However, they don’t make statistics up, and this article regarding the housing shortage could soon ease is one I really WANT to be true.

Would you rather have C3PO  or Gort in your house?  I actually believe that my house may someday have a robot in it. Here are 5 real estate robots to check out. And if you picked GORT as your robot of choice, remind me not to drive up your driveway! J

Bank of America helping struggling homeowners? It seems only fair.  The bank has reached out to 3,000 homeowners and is a three day event. I’d get there early!

And you thought 3 car garages were big?  Here are some fun pictures of ‘garages’ dating back to 1250 B.C.

Clayton Scott:

  • New Jumbo loan lender – Barkley Bank.
  • Add a “Need Pre-approval?” tab to your website – link it to Windermere Mortgage – Call Clayton Scott for details.


Patty – 6715 SE 21st Ave. – $439,000, 3BD/2BA, Full basement & Bonus room,

Linda – 2739 SW Patton Ct. – $735,000, 4BD/3BA,

Ben – 76th (between Burnside and Glisan), 2BD/1BA, $240,000

Renita – 159th  – Redone, $230,000

Renita – (coming in a few weeks) 119th, under $200,000, 3BD

Candace – Condo – 2BD/2.5BA

Candace – 28th & Stark by the screen door – 3BD/2BA, $460,000

Kathryn – 101st & Long – Cute farm house coming on the market soon, $150,000, 2BD/1BA

Patty – (on the market soon)  71st – 3BD/1.5BA, around $240,000

Patty – (hopefully on the market soon) 76th S of Glisan – 3BD/1BA, open floor plan, just above $300,000

Needs and Wants:

Jeff – 1 level house – Lake O, Tualatin, (I-5 corridor area), up to $325,000

Patty – Can go up to $150,000, SE area

Patty – investor client looking for large lot

Patty – SE area $300,000 and under

Branch Stuff:

  • First Look Tour  – Take Two
  • New conference room technology – need a little training? Talk to Brianne or Tori.
  • RMLSWeb – RMLS has a ‘multiple log-in’ sting operation going. Here’s how to NOT get a call from them.
  • ZipForms – ignore sales/special promotions emails.


  • 3/14 – Judicial v. Non-Judicial Foreclosures – 1-2pm @ RH (1 CE)
  • 3/15 – Premier BreakfastLuxury Portfolio International VP Stephanie Pfeffer. 8:15am @ MAC
  • 3/18-20 – ProStart $95 or $10 per credit hour
  • 3/22 – Windermere CMA & TouchCMA – 1-2pm @ MO (1 BB)
  • 3/27 – Understanding Historic Homes in Portland – 1-2pm @ MO (1 BB)
  • 3/29 – Selling a Rented House – 2-3pm @ RH (1 CE)

Consistent Connections

  • If you’re not sending a St. Patty day card – send them a picture of where they’ll be blasting this month for the Sellwood Bridge. (ATTACHED)
  • 4th Quarter Gardner Report is on your Agent Website Blog – Let people know!
  • We’re in S-A-L-E-S? Some cool things to know.

Transaction Master

  • Assigns – they’re back due to the rehab buyers, so here’s good verbiage to help your sellers:

Seller’s agreement to accept “and/or assigns” as part of this sale agreement is not written approval of specific assignees. Seller’s agreement to sell is still contingent on Seller’s written acceptance of ALL assignees within __ days (5 if not filled in) of mutual acceptance. Without written approval of all assignees by Seller within time frame above, this sale agreement shall terminate. All earnest money shall be returned to Buyer.

  • Multiple offers where the listing agent represents a buyer.
  • Some oil tank info and verbiage – “Heating Oil Tank (HOT) to be decommissioned and certified by licensed DEQ HOT Service Provider according to DEQ standards. Seller to provide Buyer paid receipts and Certification of Cleanup by service provider prior to closing.”

Expert Advisor:

  • Measure 79 passed, and it’s a good thing! Septic Systems rejoice.
  • Ever had two unrelated people buy property together? This information sheet could be handy to give to them. (ATTACHED)
  • AGENT Discussion Question: How many Days on Market would your listing need to have in order to accept an offer with 100% financing?
    • Answer: 1 (unless multiple offers).
  • Don’t know if you’ll ever run into this, but a WEIRD Notary law in Virginia does NOT fly in Oregon.
    • You do not have to be in the state to notarize.
  • Appraisers – what they can’t do…yet.
  • Judicial Foreclosures – If one started today, it probably won’t close until 2014. Really.Listing Specialist:
  • Odds of Selling – Price Range through February.
  • PMAR Listing Checklist – this list is LONG. However, it has some nice points you might want to add to your own checklist (ATTACHED)
  • Signs, Signs, Everywhere there’s Signs. Do that, don’t do that… (ATTACHED)