Branch Agent Meetings March 5, 2013

Moreland Sales Meeting 3.5.2013

Yes, EMERALD is the trendy color in 2013, but what colors…ain’t?   Yes  colors wonderfulness is in the eye of the beholder, but there are a couple of good color tips when it comes to your home in this quick read. And I learned a new word ‘greige’.

Year over year, custom homes, multifamily, and new home sales UP.  And if I was a builder in Portland with our low inventory, I’d be in full steam ahead mode. Here’s a great take from the national perspective.

Happy Homeowners in Happy Valley? This is SUCH good news!  The city of foreclosures has truly seen a re-birth of late. No the values aren’t at 2006 levels, but the trend, sales and attitude are all way up!

What do Buyers REALLY want in 2013?  In Portland the answer to that question would be MORE INVENTORY, however, they are also looking for other items in their new home. Take a look.


Ben – 8401 SE 23rd Ave – 2BD, 1BA, $180,000

Julianna – 9231 SW 28th Ave – 3BD/2BA, 2005, open floor plan, hardwood floors, water feature in backyard, $389,950

Peggy – 2809 SE Harney St. – 3BD/1.1BA, wood floors, laundry room, $340,000

Linda – 2221 SW 1st Ave #924 – 2BD/2BA, $399,900

Peggy – Relisting home in LO – 4500 sq ft., pool, Exclusive for Spring Break and then on market April 1st

Needs and Wants:

Megan – Looking in Westmoreland/Sellwood, around $300,000-500,000, smaller home

Julianna – Beaverton area

Branch Stuff:

  • WELCOME! Edouard Mitsui-Salé
  • First Look Tour  – First Look back – we love your feedback!
  • Branch Stats February 2012 v. 2013
  • New Conference Room technology! We will hold training sessions. It’s easy, but not a good ‘wing it’ idea, though our Tech Department has made some great how-to’s.
  • OREF Forms – Office will be phasing out April 1st. (OREF is forcing our hand and will stop all of their printing in October.)
    • Zipforms quick tip – creating/saving templates (pdf attached).


  • 3/06 – Oil Tanks & Lead Based Paint – 1-2pm @ MO (1 CE)
  • 3/07 – Stand Out Using Video – 10-11am @ LT (1BB)
  • 3/14 – Judicial v. Non-Judicial Foreclosures – 1-2pm @ RH (1 CE)
  • 3/15 – Premier BreakfastLuxury Portfolio International VP Stephanie Pfeffer. 8:15am @ MAC
  • 3/18-20 – ProStart $95 or $10 per credit hour
  • 3/22 – Windermere CMA & TouchCMA 1-2pm @ MO (1 BB)
  • 3/29 – Selling a Rented House 2-3pm @ RH (1 CE)

Consistent Connections

  • Could you do a quick ‘Mobile Real Estate’ presentation? At a children’s athletic event? At the supermarket? – We’ll look into this one and see what we could provide.

Transaction Master

  • We’re not the experts but… if a self employed buyer wants to use their 2012 tax return, it will need to have been certified by the IRS prior to their closing date.
  • Used this verbiage recently?

“Subject to Buyer obtaining conventional financing of 80% LTV, at not more than X% rate amortized over a 30 year term.”

Would this make your email signature too long? Email Disclaimers – These are all over the place right now. I’ve compiled ones I’ve found. I’m not making a recommendation to put one or all of these on your email signature lines, but at the very least have these concepts in your head as you write your email, so you won’t need to have them at the end of your sig.

  • What do you think about this UST addendum from KW? The consensus was ‘ not much’, but to be aware it may show up on an offer.
  • RMLS “Owner Name Omission Form”
    • It looks like RMLS is cracking down on not including your Seller’s name in RMLS. Please see the attached form “Owner Name Omission Form” should you need it.

Expert Advisor:

  • Verbiage Clarity Case Study
  • AGENT DISCUSSION: In a percentage, how is a home’s value impacted if:
    • A home is in walking distance to a trendy neighborhood verses X Blocks away? Overall – Yes it can matter a lot – maybe 10%.A home has a Milwaukie address verses a Portland Address? Overall – absolutely – maybe 20%

Listing Specialist:

  • The Square pamphlet rides again!
  • Do you think a letter would help your buyers re-group after losing out in a multiple offer situation? How would you feel about the listing agent?

“Thank you for your offer. The purpose of this letter is to confirm that all X offers on the home at 123 4th street were personally reviewed. Most of the offers involved financing while a few of them were all cash offers. I regret to inform you that the decision was made to accept another offer rather than your offer. Please know that your offer was very much appreciated and thank you again. Sincerely SELLER”

You might think about putting a letter like this together FOR your seller when your listing gets multiple offers. It really helps out the buyers AND their agents. And if the ‘winner’ gets cold feet, the chance of getting these buyers back to making an offer could be way higher.