Branch Agent Meetings February 12, 2013

Moreland Sales Meeting 2.12.2013

Have a Commercial Building that needs to be more energy efficient?   Interesting in a tight fiscal climate that monies are available in Portland, but hey, this is pretty sweet. How sweet? Up to 50% off the cost of energy efficient upgrades, that’s how sweet!

Does spending less on your home and being healthier sound good to you?  Here’s a quick link to the Fix-It Fair on February 23rd. And it’s free!

Mossy Urban Trees – Lots of them!  Even though we have Blutbads and Fuchsbau in Forest Park, the fact we have a huge urban forest puts Portland in the Top 10 Cities in a very cool category.

We know the real estate market is tight in residential, but what about commercial?  Well, that vacancy rate is still about the same, but in most categories thinks are definitely looking up for commercial property owners. A quick read.



Jeff – 7515 SE Roots Rd., 3BD/1BA, $199,900

Robin (on market Friday)– 3806 SE Tenino, 2BD/1BA, very cute, partial basement, $299,000

Robin (on market Friday)– 77th and Fremont, 2BD/1BA, New floors, very cute, huge backyard, studio/work area, $220,000

Robin – Webster Lane (Milwaukie), 3BD/1BA, 1200 sq. ft., $205,000

Candace (on market Tuesday)– Lake Oswego – 4BD/3BA, backs to green space, contemporary, $610,000

Julianna (coming up) – 28th & Taylors Ferry, 3BD/2.5BA, Craftsman style, $430,000


Needs and Wants:

Megan – Portland Heights area, room for a Pool, Big lot

Candace – Portland Heights or Dunthorpe area, up to 3mil

Julianna – up to $650,000


Branch Stuff:

  • Monday Feb. 18, 2013 – President’s Day – Legal Holiday – Branch Open
  • PARTY!! President’s Day (Week) Office party on February 20th. Presidential Drinks and a fun trivia contest. Party starts at 3:30!


  • 2/14 – Selling a Rented House – 10-11am @ LT (1CE)
  • 2/15 – Premier Breakfast 8:00 – 10:15am @ MAC

Agent Panel: MJ Steen, Christopher Johnson, Rinehart Dempsey Phelps Group – Bend.

  • 2/18 – Ninja Training Webinar – 11am @ MO
  • 2/21 – FHA Approval for Condos – 1-2pm @ MO (1.0 CE)
  • 2/22 – Zipforms/Docusign Desktop & iPad – 1-2:30pm @ MO (1.5CE)
  • 3/07 – Stand Out Using Video – 10-11am @ LT (1BB)

Transaction Master

  • Could your email correspondence be considered binding?
  • Yes.
    • Choose your wording wisely.
    • Possibly include disclaimer in your email signature.

Expert Advisor:

  • Portland Odds of Selling – Price Range (ATTACHED)
  • A follow up on our conversation about the Craigslist listing where you have to bring a cashier’s check for the full asking price just to see it.  It’s closed outside of escrow, and the buyer takes title in an LLC they didn’t create.
  • Judicial Foreclosures – Some legal FAQ –(ATTACHED)
  • Lead Testing? Certified Environmental Consulting – Don Young (503) 221-7904

Business Savvy:

  • Are you a Design-Savvy Realtor? You can sign up to answer on-line questions and write blog posts on the Windermere FB page. Contact Tara Sharp
  • Do any of you consistently use a ‘Mortgage Rate Flyer’ in your listings or at Opens? It really is a great conversation started. Ask Clayton for a property specific flyer for your listing or open.
  • Discussion Topic: New Light Rail – How will it impact, property values next to line, close to line, traffic, walk-ability, crime, etc.
  • Representative from Tri-Met come in to talk?
  • for maps and projected stops/Max lines

Listing Specialist:

  • Working for Listings
  • A Quick Take on Rick Franz’ High end Marketing Class