Branch Agent Meetings January 29, 2013

Moreland Sales Meeting 1.29.2013

Tax Time is HERE!   The whole ‘should I list my home office as a home office or not question MIGHT be a little clearer now. At least it’s different and supposedly much simpler. If you’ve been wondering, here’s the article.


What does a 222 unit Senior Center and a 40 foot tall Barometer have in common?  The y are both being considered with the Portland Development Bureau. What may happen in your neck of the woods?


Being a Portlandian, Living Eco Green is the norm….. right?  Well, I think most of us give it a go, though maybe not at a crazy level. Here are 4 quick ideas to live the Green 1/10 of an acre style.


Want to sell a house, eh?  In CANADA? We tend to be a wee bit self absorbed at times here in the good old U S of A. I didn’t have a clue what was happening to our neighbors to the North. It seems as if it’s quite different with depreciation AND appreciation. This article won’t give you a full picture, but it will make you sound worldly at your Super Bowl party. J


Clayton Scott – Windermere Mortgage

FHA Loans –

                You can have a credit score as low as 620.

                You can assume an FHA Loan.

                Approx. 15% of loans are FHA loans.

Some Changes:

                Raising % (slightly).

                Mortgage rate won’t drop out.



Dana – 5023 SE 32nd Ave – $424,950 – Split level, 4BD/3BA, fully updated, 780 sq. ft. shop attached, really nice Reedwood area.

Bill –Coming in March – Milwaukie area – English Tudor at 40th and King (quiet area), 2,800 Sq. Ft., 3BD/2BA, around $270,000


Needs and Wants:

Peggy – Rental in East Moreland for a year lease, 3BD

Bill – Looking in Dunthorpe or LO area, larger scale up to $3mil, possibly on the water or with swimming pool, modern architecture, level ground

Bill – West side Metzger area, up to around $250-260,000

Kathryn – Looking in Milwaukie or Gladstone (Rex Putnam High), Craftsman or Old Portland style

Kathryn – Looking on East side, up to $800,000, contemporary/modern style

Julianna – Beaverton under $200,000

Dana – East Moreland, Ranch style home, up to $400,000

Dana – East Moreland up to $500,000


Branch Stuff:

  • Monday Feb. 18, 2013 – President’s Day – Legal Holiday – Branch Open
  • Solutions Speaker – Yes? No.
  • E-Fax Service change February 5th – It will be changing to Sterling. NO change on your number, and reliability will increase.



  • 1/31 – Land Surveys, Lot Lines, Easements – 10-11am @ LT (1CE)
  • 2/06 – Urban Growth Boundary – 1-2pm @ RH (1CE)
  • 2/07 – Judicial Foreclosure – 10-11am @ LT (1CE)
  • 2/14 – Selling a Rented House – 10-11am @ LT (1CE)
  • 2/22 – Zipforms/Docusign Desktop & iPad – 1-2:30pm @ MO (1.5CE)
  • 3/07 – Stand Out Using Video – 10-11am @ LT (1BB)


Transaction Master

  • Re-inspections? Discussion.
  • What do you do when the listing agent at the last minute tells you the commission is based on the sales price less seller paid closing costs?

It’s in the RMLS rules that you are not allowed to do that. Do your best to say no, and talk to Steve (your principal broker).

  • Private Well Addendum:

Additional line added to test for lead, be sure to alert client and document.


Expert Advisor:

  • At CCRGI – Inventory down 26%. New written business up 23%. And we’re not alone!
  • 6 Reasons Housing Inventory Keeps Declining
  • Distressed Properties 2012 Stats


Business Savvy:

  • ‘Attitudes’ marketing campaign format
  • RMLS Improvements
    • A new button – to more easily submit concerns.
    • FULL School names.
    • Prospects can get notified EIGHT times a day – if they’re crazy.
    • SSP will NOT be default in a listings search. You’ll need to add if you want them.


Listing Specialist:

  • Visual Tours – Want a 10


    minute chat, or a 20 minute ‘Ideas for using VT in your marketing’ session?


Byte Sized Tech – Tony Rossell Lawyers Title

  • New iPad App “PDF Splicer – must have App “Sign My Pad” ($3.99 version)
    • Pick pages or sections of pdf pages
    • You can export through email, etc.
    • It allows your client to physically sign on their touch screen.
      • This is accepted by banks, etc.