Branch Agent Meetings January 22, 2013

Moreland Sales Meeting 1.22.2013

The Color of  2013 IS…..   I’m curious who actually makes  these color decisions, who reads about it and then uses the color because it IS the color of the year. However….. You decide!


This is so cool!  The actual moving of the Sellwood Bridge North took 18+ hours, but you can see it here in a couple of minutes. What an amazing feat for the work crew!


How did our rent payments get higher than mortgage payments?  That’s a broad statement that of course isn’t universal, but over-all it’s a remarkable situation. Back in 2006 it was WAY the other way, and no wonder the investors have been out in force. It’s a nice quick graph to check out.


The Home Builder’s Housing Starts Map of the US is looking Green (that’s a good thing) all over!  It would be nice to have a time lapse of this graph over the last 5 years. It would be amazing to see. In the last 6 months we’ve seen most of the growth.  The hammers will be hammering soon!



Dana – 32nd, 3BD/2.5BA, on market Friday.

Peggy – 2089 SE Harney, 3BD split, hardwood floors, has a view off the deck, Contemporary style, Exclusive until March,        around $340,000

Patty – Milwaukie listing S. of Lake Rd on Somewhere Dr., 4BD/2.5BA, quiet street, around $280,000


Needs and Wants:

Julianna – Beaverton area up to $225,000

Daniette – up to $500,000 in Mt. Tabor area, East facing lot with a view and big back yard.

Dana – one level condo in NE under $300,000

Candace – Rental house in Milwaukie or SE area, 3BD

Candace – Dunthorpe area up to $2mil

Peggy – Alberta area investment listings

Patty – 4+BD in Franklin School District

Branch Stuff:

  • Monday – Feb. 18, 2013 – President’s Day – Legal Holiday – Branch Open
  • Customer Service Responses
  • Any tech concerns?? Email Kathryn ( by Thursday.


  • 1/24 – Earning Referrals at the Closing Table – 1:00- 2:00pm @ MO (1BB)
  • 1/25 – Microsoft Outlook for MAC – 11:30am- 12:30pm @ MO (1CE)
  • 1/25 – Agent Websites Beginning to Intermediate – 1:00- 2:00pm @ MO (1BB)
  • 1/25 – Premier Listing Presentations & Marketing Plans Premier Breakfast $30 – 8:15-10:15am @ MAC
  • 1/30 – Title Policies – 1:00-2:00pm @ MO (1CE)

Transaction Master

  • My New Year’s wish list for transaction verbiage I want to see, and the stuff I hope I DON’T to see! See Attached

DEQ Link:

Expert Advisor:

  • Portland Odds of Selling by Area 2010-2012 – This is a WOW difference in 2012!

Attached are pdfs of 142-151. Pick your favorites and add to your website. Talk to Brianne if you need help adding to your website.


Business Savvy:

  • Zillow or Trulia? A couple of Windermere agents are having success. NOT for everyone, but…..
  • Docusign – There have been a few ‘transition’ issues. However, you now have the ability to change the size of the initial box, and can make a check box either ‘required’ or ‘locked’.

*Note: use the “radio button” which requires clients to sign before sending back to you.

Listing Specialist:

  • Portland Business Journal Ads. Call: 503-219-3431 (Audry Smith)

Feb 8

Mar 8

April 19

May 31

  • Premier Signs – Keep using the ones you have, but new ones are available and they are nicer!


Top 5 Things I hope I DON’T see on contracts this year

Repair Addendums: ‘Cost not to exceed $x,000’

what happens if it does??


Seller to get DEQ certificate.

DEQ doesn’t issue certificates anymore.

Verbiage – Seller to have oil tank decommissioned per current DEQ guidelines. (This is not all the verbiage needed – just the DEQ section)


Sellers to credit buyers $x,000 for furnace.

Lenders usually will kick this to the curb.


Unless Seller extends the inspection period, buyer unconditionally disapproves of inspection.

An unconditional condition – it doesn’t work.


Seller to do all repairs on attached inspection.

Did the seller request a copy of the inspection?

Will this ‘laundry list’ tick off the sellers and help draw icky lines in the sand?

Is it specific enough, and does it put the seller at risk for finding every little thing on the 25 page report?


Buyer Counter #6

At some point you need to re-write, or delete all the counters and write one clean one.


Top 5 Things I hope I DO see on contracts this year

  • Buyer’s inspection period to begin when listing agent notifies selling agent in writing that utilities are turned on.


  • Seller to provide to Purchaser copies of all repair invoices paid in full, unless contractors are to be paid out of escrow, three business days prior to closing.


  • Professional inspections may include video sewer scope, oil tank search, and radon testing.


  • Upon ‘X’, earnest money becomes non-refundable except in the event seller fails to deliver marketable title to close.


  • Short Sales:

Date on Short Sale Addendum page one 1(b) making sense with the closing date.

Closing date to be something workable like ‘closing to be on or before 40 days from Creditor(s) written consents, but no later than x-x-xxxx’.