Branch Agent Meetings January 9, 2013

Moreland Sales Meeting 1.8.2013

The Shadow Knows…..   Well actually, what we know is the Shadow inventory (Homes that aren’t on the market, but are close to being foreclosed) has fewer homes in it. There are still quite a few, but check out this quick read on why this is a good thing.


With a name like Poodwaddle, you’ve got to be good!  This is just one cool site to click around on, even if you never want or need to put one of their apps on your computer. The Population and World Stats counters are amazing.


The Fiscal Cliff got all the press, but if you need to get a new furnace anytime soon, this law may impact you WAY more.  Most furnaces installed after May 1st will be required to be 90% efficient. That seems like a good thing, but it really can be a problem for some furnace placements and how they have to be installed. If you’re thinking of getting in the next year, you should definitely know about this.


Be sure to stay WAY on the North Side of the Sellwood Bridge on January 19th.  Actually, stay away from the Sellwood Bridge, because it’s got U-Haul boxes filled and will be moving North. It will take about a week before it’s car ready again. I’m thinking the Ross Island will be a parking lot with all that additional traffic, so be aware!


Windermere Mortgage:

15 years = 2.75%

Forgiveness of debt (short sale) through 2013

Oregon Bond loans are back


Branch Stuff:

  • Monday Jan. 21, 2013 – MLK Jr. Day – Legal Holiday
  • November 2012 had more Pending Sales at our company than any November since 2006!
  • Area 143 Average Sales Price $228,000 our office Average Sales Price $322,000.



Patty – 5806 SE CENTER ST, 4 BD/2 BA, $298,000 – all remodeled, huge kitchen, formal dining

Peggy – 6677 SW 20TH PL, 2 BD/2.1 BD, $275,000  – built 2009, 9 ft ceilings, Townhouse, private lane, private patio
Chris – 3719 SE MARKET ST, 3 BD/1.1 BA, $349,000 – NOW PENDING
Chris – 11027 SW 30TH PL, 4 BD/3 BA, $649,000 – Olsen home, new construction, Tudor style

Chris – 2332 SE OAK ST, 3 BD/3.1 BA, $625,000 – 2 car garage

Linda – 44th & Henderson – $429,900,  3BD/2BA, 2 car garage, basement, on the market 1/9/12!

Candace – 4BD / 3BA, $600,000 range, coming up next week in Lake Oswego

Kathy – 36th – not ready to show, still moving out stuff

Kathy – Reed College Pl., inactively marketed, $950,000 price reduction soon

Kathy – 4BD / 1BA, 50’s Capecod, below 39th, student renters (still a bit messy), coming on market soon

Dana – 2 homes exclusive in Reedwood

                4912 SE 33rd – 3 BD / 3.5 BA, huge lot, $459,000

                5023 SE 32nd – Split level, open kitchen, updated, $424,950

Needs and Wants:

Bill – Irvington to E. or W. Moreland, up to $550,000

Patty – 2+ Bedroom, $250,000 (max), basement, high ceilings, oversized garage

Dana – 1 level in Portland Heights around $500,000



  • 1/14/2013 – Annual Kickoff Meeting! 1-3:30pm @ MAC. Steve Harney speaking.
  • 1/15/2013 – OREF Form Changes – 9:30-10:30am @ MO by: Steve Russell  *1CE

1/16/2013 – Waterproofing – 1:00 to 2:00 @ MO New construction, basements, crawlspaces *1CE

  • 1/17/2013 – Ninja Webinar – 8am @ MO – increase your income per hour so you can have a life!
  • 1/15 – 17 –    ProStart – *8.5 CE Hours + 9.5 Business Builder Hours
    1/25/2012 – Outlook and other options for the MAC 11:30 – 12:30 @ MO

1/25/2012 – Beginning and intermediate Website options 1:00 to 2:00 @ MO


Consistent Connections

  • Make January a HUD statement month for 2012 clients.


Transaction Master

  • A good email business practice new year’s resolution
  • What’s the difference chart for price changes on loans. (ATTACHED) Good for your buyers to see when they’ve won’t go up a little on price.
  • Case Study on how poor verbiage can cost money, time, and add stress.


Expert Advisor:

  • Portland Odds of Selling – Price Range Year end graph (ATTACHED)
  • What do you think? Putting an age restriction on showing due to fragile expensive pottery? The answer is a REALLY STRONG NO via Phil Querin!
  • Mortgage Cancellation Relief extended to 1/1/2014. Good news for short sales.
  • Energy Tax Credit for up to $500 on existing homes extended until 1/1/2014.
  • Estate Tax: First $5 million on individual estates and $10 million on family estates exempt. After that it’s taxes at 40%.
  • Pat Stone Tidbits:
    • Oregon Economy is #2- very strong. Migration IN his helping our real estate scenario.
    • There is a scarcity of lots (not news). This will continue for the next two years.
    • This means LISTINGS will be at a premium.
  • Number of Days in each state it takes to close a foreclosure. We’re relatively lucky in Oregon. (ATTACHED)


Business Savvy:

  • Two quick tips for not getting distracted by technology. Sign me up!
  • One idea Revisited – Community Photos – Take 10 Pictures of your neighborhood and post on your blog.
  • Two Options for a Quick Goal / Resolution
    • Just pick ONE resolution in January. It will be _____________________________________________________________


  • What should I be doing that I’m not already doing?


_______________________________________________ and


  • What is my action plan to make it happen?


Listing Specialist:

  • Verbiage if you use a Title Company ‘Homebook’.
    • NOTICE: The information in this Homebook is provided by TITLE COMPANY. The information they have provided is from various public records. Windermere and YOUR NAME have made no investigation as to the accuracy of this information. Information is not guaranteed and should be verified. Square footage is approximate and may include both finished and unfinished areas. School availability is subject to change. (ATTACHED)
  • A possible addendum for taking an overpriced listing (ATTACHED)
  • WebCMA improvements
    • Import PDF pages
    • Addition of subject property photos on cover pages
    • Import subject property by MLS#
    • Presentation page preview tool
    • Improved comp search accuracy