Branch Agent Meetings October 31, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting 10.30.2012

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Haunted Houses that AREN’T for sale:

If you or your kids love to get their hearts pumping with a good old fashioned FUN scare, check out tomorrow’s local hauntings.


Top 10 Worst Home Showings.       

I’m thinking every agent has their own ‘memorable’ showing where the home wasn’t exactly ‘show worthy’. These are really pretty funny. Check it out!


As California Goes – Oregon follows?

Through the years the frenzied California ups and downs have typically been a precursor of more modest housing trends here in Oregon. I LIKE that idea after looking at the Top10 Turn around markets in the US!


The Zillow Machine gets Bigger.

With Zillow being a great site for general information, them adding pre-foreclosures is an interesting addition. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out.


Clayton Scott – Mortgage:

New assistant Joanie – helping with marketing and file processing.

Who pays for what? When do you pay? – be careful to advise sellers/buyers

Talk to your mortgage broker.



Linda – 2805 SE Francis St., Open floor plan, $399,900

Bill – 1976 SE 21st Ave – 3 BD, English Tudor, $525,000

Reuben – 548 Donna Dr., $230,000


Branch Stuff:

  • October 28th – Monster March – FUN!!!
  • November 15th – Bowling Challenge is ON!!!  6:00 – 7:30pm (Spots still open!)
  • December 1st – Claus and Paws.  Postcards available!
  • Jazzing it Up! November 28th @ Jimmy Mak’s $5/Door goes to Windermere Foundation!
  • Customer Service Questionnaire Responses – You guys ROCK!
  • Be sure to Like the Windermere Foundation Facebook page!



  • 10/31 – Earning a Higher Commission on your Listings @ MO 1:00 – 2:00pm *1 Credit Hour
  • 11/07 – Marketing @ Moreland 10:00 – 11:00am (Business Builder)
  • 11/08 – Sales Agreement Language @ RH 1:00 – 2:00pm (Present by: Brian Allen) *1 Credit Hour
  • 11/15 – LARRC @ MO 1:00 – 4:00pm (Presented by: Brian Carlson) *3 Credit Hours
  • 11/16 –  Premier Breakfast @ MAC 9:00 – 11:00 (Financing Panel of Experts) *2 Credit Hours
  • 1/8-11 – Ninja Installation – Webinar (from Fort Collins, Colorado).


Consistent Connections

  • Coat and Blanket Drive Postcards – Available on Listing Xpress
  • Claus & Paws Postcards – Thanks Tori! (email Tori for customizations)


Transaction Master

  • Lead Paint Addendum and Agent Signatures – Selling Licensee must sign
  • Set your Docusign Signatures to have a date AND time. Time stamp in Docusign.
  • VA Loan Refresher Wording – (see attached).


Expert Advisor:

  • The ‘Ready and Already Looking Buyer Bubble’ on new listings. How long do you think it lasts now?
  • The Perfect Loan File – Keep this one to give to your buyers! (see attached).


Business Savvy:

  • is leaving Bing and going back to Google. Yay!
  • Also on the website: Neighborhood Navigator is going to be replaced with a better ‘Find an Agent’ feature.


Listing Specialist:

  • Simple Chart for your listing competition sales per month.
  • Tracking your Gut – What do you think your listing will sell for if it sells in under 90 days? – Track your listings. What was your gut price? What did it sell at? How many price adjustments? Etc.


Duniway Home Tour Advertising Opportunity

  • Ann Leitheiser  – (Advertising opportunities Attached)