Branch Agent Meetings October 23, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting 10.23-2012

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Portland is #5 in construction job gains? That is one AWESOME headline!  Considering little old PDX was matched up one to one with ‘slightly’ bigger cities like LOS ANGELES, pretty sweet. Can’t wait to see those homes and businesses going up!

I think builders saying our real estate market is now in a ‘virtuous cycle’ sounds good to me.   That means the whole ‘if you’re optimistic, it can be contagious’ thing. We have been in the opposite of all that for a few years. James Brown would say ‘I feel good!’ A great read.

What do you want in your next home? 3 bedrooms? Large lot? How about GOOD CELL SERVICE?  If so, you’re not alone. And when you’re not alone….. someone will make an app for that. Actually a search engine, and a lot of the big players are scrambling to be first.

8 ways to make a room look larger (looking through a magnifying lens doesn’t count).  My favorite is “find secret storage spots”. I don’t think it means putting in a trap door that goes into the crawl space…. But it could!



Sarah Rose (west Linn) – 5606 SE 22nd Ave. – Upgraded, 2BD/2.5BA, $278,000

Sarah Rose (West Linn) – 5704 SE 22nd Ave. – 3BD/1.5BA, Large Fenced Yard, Oversized Garage, $299,000

Candace – LO listing coming up…more details to come.

Bill – Colonial Heights home, refinished floors, English Tudor, $520,000 – Going on market Monday.

Jeff – 5106 N Albino (N of Alberta), 4BD/2.5BA, Remodeled, $440,000 range

Jeff – 3628 NE 139th, Wheelchair accessible, Remodeled, Corner lot, $250,000 range (on Market in about a week)


Needs and Wants:

Candace – Young Nike couple – looking NE/SE/Cedar Hills, $300,000 range

Bill – looking for home in Milwaukie $250,000, 3BD/2BA

Bill – 82nd to Garden Home, $220-225

Sue – Buyers looking for small in-town Farm, 3BD/2BA on acreage.

Sue – 4 diff. couples looking between $250-500,000, Alberta Arts District

Kathryn – Looking in Alberta or on Hawthorne, $350-400,000, 2BD/1.5BA, Cash buyers, ready to buy!

Kathryn – Needs short term rental in Westmoreland area

Candace – Rental in LO coming up…


Branch Stuff:

  • October 28th – Monster March – Join the fun, starts at 3pm!
  • November 15th – Bowling Challenge is ON!!! Grand Central Bowling 6:00 – 7:30pm (all $ goes to Windermere Foundation – Lanes and shoes are free!)
  • December 1st – Claus and Paws. It’s coming up!



  • 10/24 – Historic Property & Current Legal Topics @ JO 2:00 – 3:00pm *1 Credit Hour
  • 10/25 – Understand Green Building @ LT 10:00 – 11:00am *1 Credit Hour
  • 10/25 – Ethics @ RH 1:00 – 3:30 *2.5 Credit Hour
  • 10/26 – Premier Breakfast @ Multnomah Athletic Club 9:00 – 11:00am Planning ahead for 2013
  • 10/31 – Earning a Higher Commission on your Listings @ MO 1:00 – 2:00pm *1 Credit Hour
  • 1/8-11 – Ninja Installation @ Webinar (from Fort Collins, Colorado).


Transaction Master

  • Dealing with Conflict – by: Michael Staver
    • Never attempt to solve a conflict under high emotional stress.
  • New Home Warranties and Rehabs
    • Use addendums
    • Early issuance insurance – to protect against a lien (75 days from when the last work was done or delivered.)


Business Savvy:

  • Do you need a Budget Spreadsheet? Well here you go! (ATTACHED)


Listing Specialist:

  • Presenting the best data to your sellers – John Anunsen /Windermere Services

Worc-site analytics

Go to Listings > My Listings > Analytics

Traffic type (click the ? to see what the stats mean)

You can choose the amount – weeks? months?

Defaults to one week – show the trends for a longer period of time.

To put graph in an email – take a screen shot (we can help!)

  • Sellers always want to know what you are doing to sell their home. Be proactive and supply them stats before they ask.


Listing Xpress 2.0

                On the Worc-site go to Marketing > Listing Xpress 2.0

                                Reporting – (through Listhub) Agent Listing Summary Reports ($10 Subscription)

                                                For your entire listing portfolio

                                                For individual listing reports go to Inventory > Click Report on chosen property


Google Analytics

                Free tool – very easy set-up

                Reports on website visits – many options to choose from

                                Stats for gaining sellers/buyers

                Look for a “UA-5277573-110” code

                                Enter UA code in your Agent Site under > site analytics (we can help!)


We will have a workshop with John Anunsen if you’d like to set any of these up – or learn how best present yourself/stats.