Branch Agent Meetings October 16, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting 10.16.2012


Especially in an election year, statistics are sometimes suspect. However, Matthew Gardner has really done a nice job of showing balance in his reports. Check out his ‘take’ on the numbers surrounding the latest job numbers. AGENTS DON’T COPY THIS LINK! GO TO YOUR OWN WEBSITE TO GET THE LINK TO SEND YOUR CLIENTS.


Rent V. Buy – How the heck do you know? Emotionally, I can’t help you there, but with the number crunching, this Ginny Mae (Affectionate name for a governmental agency relating to Mortgage Backed Securities) QUICK ‘what if’ worksheet is pretty cool. Whether you own or are thinking of owning, it’s worth the look.


Now how do you get the coolness of ‘Grimm’, ‘Portlandia’, or ‘Leverage’ into a blog like this? Pretty easily I guess based on this article. There’s an economic advantage to having TV and movies made in Portland, and that includes leases and rentals, and although they are usually short term, they are usually VERY excellent tenants.


99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…..Well, 24 Beer AWARDS on the Wall! The fact that Oregon Brewers make awesome micro-brews isn’t news worthy, but when we get props from the rest of the country – oh yeah! The second link here is pretty sweet, too. It’s a searchable website for the whole country and all the beer awards. The judges at these events must all look like Norm from Cheers!



Linda – 6760 SE Brigadoon St., 3BD/2BA, $199,900

Peggy – Coming Dec.1st Townhome in Hillsdale, 2Bed/2.5Bath, $275,000 range

Bill – Pocket Listing coming in February – 3BD/2.5 Bath, off of Boones Ferry, $300-315,000

Julianna – Coming in December – Ranch style, $260-270,000

Patty – Coming up in a week on SW Hill, 3BD/2.5Bath, Great remodel, $299,000

Dana – 2 Listings coming up in Reedwood Neighborhood,

                             4912 SE 33rd Place – Huge backyard, split level, 3BD/3BA, $459,000

                             32nd – $415,000, 4BD/3.5BA

Reuben – Short Sale Tualatin Townhouse $110,000

Reuben – Short Sale Condo at 146 & Stark $60,000, Renovated, 2 BD/2BA, Garage


Needs and Wants:

Reuben – Looking to rent out floating home, $1200/month, dock with boat lift

Bill – Buyer looking for investment home, 3BD/1BA, $250,000

Jeff – Buyer looking for 3BD/1Bath

Kathy – Reed College place and 35th NEED OFFERS


Branch Stuff:

  • October 28th 1pm – Monster Walk – Volunteers? Ideas? Thriller Routine?
  • Direct Deposits and Credit Card Billing – Don’t forget to turn into Brianne
  • Bowling Challenge? Lloyd Tower is interested!
    • Patty will set it up at Grand Central
    • Fundraiser? Loser donates to Windermere Foundation? Thoughts?
  • Paws and Claus December 1st. Need volunteers STAT.
    • Good news we have a Santa!
    • Sign-up sheet available soon for Volunteers
  • Moreland average price vs. area 143 : Moreland – $317,678 :: 143 – $225,646
  • Shop for the Children October 18th 5 – 8pm Children’s Justice Center Vancouver – This is Stellar Group Fundraiser
  • November at the Nook Windermere Foundation Fundraiser Gearhart 11-1-2012 (Flyer attached)
  • Windermere Leadership Advisory Council – getting started!
    • This is to discuss the structure of the company
  • Legal Holidays – On your monthly calendars. Upcoming:
    • Veterans Day –          11.12.12
    • Thanksgiving Day –11.22.12
    • Christmas Day –       12.25.12
    • New  Years Day –    1.1.13
  • A burglar in the Westmoreland/Sellwood area has been caught. Yay for the local police!



  • 10/17 – Contracts & Other Purchase Rights @ JO 2:00 – 3:00pm *1 Credit Hour
  • 10/18 – Toxic Mold @ LT 10:00 – 11:00am *1 Credit Hour
  • 10/18 – Dispute Resolution @ JO 2:00 – 3:00pm *1 Credit Hour
  • 10/18 – Being a Proactive Trusted Advisor – Webinar @MO 8:00am
  • 10/24 – Historic Property & Current Legal Topics @ JO 2:00 – 3:00pm *1 Credit Hour
  • 10/25 – Understand Green Building @ LT 10:00 – 11:00am *1 Credit Hour
  • 10/25 – Ethics @ RH 1:00 – 3:30 *2.5 Credit Hour
  • 10/26 – Premier Breakfast @ Multnomah Athletic Club 9:00 – 11:00am Planning ahead for 2013

(Marketing & Efficiency)

  • 10/31 – Earning a Higher Commission on your Listings @MO 1:00 – 2:00 *1 Credit Hour
  • 1/8-11 – Ninja Installation @ Fort Collins, Colorado.


Standards of Practice: (Patty update)

  • Developing a Technology group – talk to Steve if interested


Transaction Master

  • Multiple Offers Recap
    • Counsel the buyer
    • Looking at offers on a certain date/time – helps
    • Communication is key – keep open the lines of communication
  • What if the Buyer wants the Seller to pay for a couple of years of HOA dues? Legal?
    • It is possible – but it is also a red flag


Expert Advisor:

  • Elder Abuse –Be aware. Multnomah County Hotline 503-988-3646
  • Short Sale Affidavit BIG change from Wells Fargo
    • The banks want to see any offer that is higher than the current offer, not just the accepted offers.
  • Chase list of declined Condominiums (other big banks have a list of declined condos as well – check with your lender first).
  • Market Action for September
  • Do I need a permit?


Consistent Connections:

  • EverySignal – Interesting product – Gives you all the highlights from your main social networking sites, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. including trending topics, and big news, etc. to stay informed and in touch with your sphere!