Branch Agent Meetings September 26, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting 9.25.2012

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Two things on the title of this article.  One, all those investors who purchased real estate these past few years are doing REALLY well with their investments, though the renters might not be so enthusiastic. And two … our Northwest word ‘pricey’ has spread across the nation!


Southeast Portland's Phoenix Pharmacy building: owner's son on quest to save the Foster landmark. This 90 year old neighborhood landmark owned by his father Robert “Buck” Froman is hoping to be historically restored by son Matt Froman. To start: Mural to be painted on the buildings west side to depict SE Foster Rd in the 20’s & 30’s.


Every stat in this report is positive in regards to new construction!  Multi-family, single family, townhouses, vacancy rates, builder confidence, oh my! The Yang of it is unemployment numbers, a bit of inflation. However, the mix is pretty dang exciting.


Would these 7 buyer pet peeves be on YOUR list?  Actually, I think all would be on a LONGER list for me. However, the standard ‘if it smells it won’t sell’ would hit MY Top 7.



Linda – 6729 SE Knight – $179,900, 2BD/1BA, Entertaining all offers tomorrow

Dana – Behind Kennelworth park on 35th Ave. 4BD/1BA, 40’s Cape Cod, Tall Ceilings, unfinished basement, big yard, around $300,000…coming up.

Dana – 33rd Place – Huge lot (soccer field backyard), 3BD/3BA…coming up.

Dana – 32nd – Split level…coming up.

Bill – Colonial Heights corner of 21st and Harrison, 3BD/2.5BA, around $500-520,000

Candace – Rental in DT LO, Approx. $1,700

Dana – 1822 SW Moss – BOM


Needs and Wants:

Bill – Needs 3BD – Milwaukie to Portland around $250,000 – 72nd and inward.

Bill – Needs rental close to water, for 6mos – 1 year.

Sue – Clients looking for 0.5 acre for gardening/farming, Anxious buyers, Approx. $500,000


Branch Stuff:

  • Forms / Forms Wall
    • Put all old or unused forms in Tori’s box. Tori is working on recycling old and unused forms. We want to make sure only the latest up-to-date forms are available for you on the forms wall.
  • Pets of the office!
    • Email Tori a picture of your pet(s) for our new Pets of the office wall art!
  • “Share the Warmth”
    • Collections for coats will begin Nov. 1st -Dec. 18th.
    • A “Share the Warmth” postcard will be available soon in the for Oregon only section of Custom Xpress. The back side of the postcard can be customized with details about each office’s donation drive and drop-off hours. Agents will also have access to an eBlast that links to a web page listing all participating offices. Jeff will be giving us updates, as he volunteered to be the event coordinator. Thank you Jeff!
  • Need some temp assistance?
    • Macey Laurick, licensed assistance for you. 503-730-4576 Nice young lady who just graduated, and is definitely looking for more work. She is currently doing a lot of her assisting at the Johnson office.
  • Anyone sponsoring a Holiday Season community event?
    • The Bee ads for Thanksgiving and Christmas could be a possible spot to advertise. (Of course Paws and Claus will be in there!) PS – Paws and Claus will be on December 1st this year if we want it to coincide with the neighborhood events. We’ll be chatting about this soon.
  • Sponsorship?
    • This is for Art a la Carte which is having a fundraiser, as they need to move. See Steve for details.
  • Customer Service Responses: SWEET!




  • 9/26 – Energy Audits @ MO 1:00-2:00pm (1 CE)
  • 9/27 – Dispute Resolution @ MO 1:00-2:00pm (1 CE)
  • 9/27 – First Time Homebuyer seminar @ RH 6:00-7:30pm (1.5 CE)
  • 9/27 – Easements and Case Studies @ LT 10:00 – 11:00am (1 CE)
  • 10/3 – Vesting & Legal Description @ JO 2:00 – 3:00pm
  • 10/4 – Condo FHA @ LT 10:00 – 11:00am (1 CE)


Consistent Connections

  • Philanthropy Postcard! (Sample attached)
    • Customizable! Talk to Brianne about customizing.
    • If you have questions, talk to Brianne or Tori about uploading to Xpress docs.


Transaction Master

  • 5 Quick Takes from Ninja “How Clients Decide” Webinar  – narrow your clients down to their top three items. Help balance their left and right brains. Don’t give them a stack of MLS sheets – this becomes overwhelming.
  • Judicial Foreclosures, Right of Redemption and offers – oh my!
  • New Windermere Foundation presentation sheet


Listing Specialist:

  • Listing Load Help Sheet
    • Jerry Schneider from RMLS
      • Voting board takes requests from Realtors and decides what to work on.
      • New first page – holds more information all on one page.
      • Gives you a percentage of completed listing – “Fields Filled %”.
      • It auto saves after 10 minutes.
      • New tabbed formatting – no more endless scrolling.
      • Abbreviation definitions included when entering information.
      • New supplemental forms – Amenities, Additional Structures, and Water Rights.
      • Form alerts tab – links to incomplete listings.
      • Unlisted Sold – enter your unlisted sold property as a comp. You can then search for it under CMA – the status will be “unlisted sold”.