Branch Agent Meetings September 11, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting 9.11.2012


 USA Today declares “Bikes rule the Road” in Portland  This article has some interesting ‘takes’ on that blanket statement from people who know maybe a little better – like people from Portland.   


Big Wheels keep on turnin’….. there just won’t be as many people on the boat! Connecting the calories to see how the over consumption of Big Macs impacts  the answer to how many people can fit on the Portland Spirit. I am SO on a diet now!     


Talking about real estate and how it may impact the election? OK, color me crazy! Disclaimer: You can predict on your own, but this is still good for whoever resides in a White House (and all the other house colors, too.)


New Windermere Radio Ads to Air in Portland and during all Ducks & Beavers Football Games! – Our fall radio campaign starts September 10th on Portland-based stations KINK (101.9 FM) and The Wolf (99.5 FM). Statewide, the spots can be heard during the radio broadcasts of all Ducks and Beavers Football Games. Post a sneak preview on your Facebook Page or Blog!


Clayton Scott – Windermere Mortgage:

Friday Email updates – Mortgage Interest Rates



Linda Skeele – 9255 SW 130th Ave – Beaverton – 3BD/2.1BA

(Karen Durrett) 3606 SE Raymond – Completely Remodeled, 2BD



Julianna – Looking in Woodlawn – $250,000

Kathy – looking for replacement of cesspool/drain field? Any recommendations?


Branch Stuff:

  • Fall into Fall P-A-R-T-Y! Thursday @ 4:30!!!
  • Direct Deposit – Get those forms turned in as soon as you can. Thanks!


  • 9/12 – “Top Tech Tips to Generate Income” @ MO 1-2pm
  • 9/13 –  “Trendgraphix Webinar” 1 -2
  • 9/18 – “Ninja” Installation September 18th – 21st @ Windermere Northlake.
  • 9-20 – “Property Taxes Explained” @ RH 1-2pm (CE)
  • 9/21 – “Premier Network Breakfast” – 8:45 – 11:00 Becki Saltzman – “Blow Your Mind”
  • 9/26 – “Energy Audits” @ MO 1-2pm (CE)
  • 9/27 – “Dispute Resolution” – From the Inside @ MO 1-2pm (CE) NOTE: I would love for EVERYONE to go to this class if at all possible. Gail Fisher will be teaching this, and she has an incredible depth of knowledge on mediation / arbitration / small claims situations and how it can impact you and your clients.
  • 9/27 – “First Time Homebuyer seminar” @ RH 6-7:30pm (1.5 CE) Bring your clients AND get 1.5 hours of CE credit. Your clients will get a $500 credit if they use Windermere Mortgage, too.


Expert Advisor

  • Septic Systems – the wind is changing direction. In March of next year, there will be mandatory on-site septic system inspections on Oregon Coast sales. They haven’t even defined ‘inspection’ yet. This will most likely impact us here in the future, but if you have a listing or sale with an on-site septic system, come see me.
    • Be clear when you say “inspection”- defining the term – It can mean a LOT of things.
  • Gregory Condos MAY have a problem with financing – There is a discrepancy in the reported percentage of commercial in the building. It’s making some lenders shy away from doing loans. Just an FYI
  • Portland Odds of Selling by Price Range August 2011 to August 2012 (See attached)
    • By price August 2011 to August 2012

Business Savvy:

  • City of Portland Annual Exemption (See attached and SEE YOUR ACCOUNTANT)
    • If you are a Broker (not Principal Broker) you must file the annual exemption
  • Neighborhood Theft Warning – We’ve had an uptick in the last few weeks on burglaries and car break ins. Be vigilante, and also be sure your laptops, iPad, and computer is covered in your home owner policy.

Consistent Connections:

  • What Pop-By do you have for September? Maybe pencils with a string around them? Just a thought!
  • Update on the Windermere Neighborhood map – No go, but there is another option. Thanks  Lynne! We have the info. Ask Brianne or Tori and they can help you.
  • Email communications – use correct terminology, be clear and concise.


The Bringer of the Treats:

  • Kerry Turner and Melissa Maag from Fidelity Title. Thank youj!