Branch Agent Meetings August 29, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting 8.27.2012

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Guaranteed Energy Bills? I’m thinking they mean LOW energy bills, but cool!  Earth Advantage has taken a step no one has taken before to this degree (we think). I LIKE that they are putting themselves and their designation on the line.             


Remember ‘too big to fail’, and then several banks got BIGGER? This is the first I’ve seen it in print, but do you think one bank (rhymes will Swells) has one out of every three new loans? Yikes! And we’ve seen loans being very pokey to close.


Realtor’s new best friend. Do you want an app that works on Realtor time?  OK, some folks, and not just Realtors, can arrive a wee bit late for appointments. Traffic snarls, your last appointment was delayed, etc. This is a cool app!                                                  



Daniette West – New Agent! – AND she brought us donuts!



  • Linda – 3637 SE Malden – Completely re-done, level backyard, 4BD, remodeled kitchen, Mid-Century Ranch,     $459,900
  • Linda – 8413 SW 14th – 1BD, Nice Deck, nice yard, Very clean, $225,000
  • Megan – 3666 SE Raymond – Refinished hardwood floors (original throughout), $229,000, 2BD/1BA, attached one car garage, cute big backyard, newly landscaped



Linda – needs a house from Division to Belmont – 60th to 12th, Bungalow porch, 5BD/2BA

Linda – Rental property Westmoreland, Sellwood, Division or Hawthorne, Balcony, $1,800/month

Megan – Pocket in Portland Heights (not in RMLS), 3 kids under 4years, Big Yard


Branch Stuff:

  • Office Closed September 3rd for Labor Day – No branch meeting Tuesday Sept. 4
  • Steve on vacation (A-GAIN??) September 1st – 9th. The honorable Richard Caplan will be covering
  • Party! Fall into Fall – September 13th? @ 4:30pm (Checking on dates)
  • Clayton Scott Mortgage Interest Rates – Great for Opens
  • Windermere Weekly Stats – 7 new sales last week from mighty Moreland!
  • A Garden Party for the Foundation – Lucy Hardiman Landscape Architect
    • September 12th from 11:00am – 1:00pm @ 4343 SW Fairview Blvd.
    • $30 for 2 tickets
  • An attorney named Howard may be calling…many legal questions – and he may want to represent himself AND collect a commission. See me if that happens!
  • New Windermere Mortgage Representative at Lloyd Tower – Tanya Elder – I met her on Tuesday – VERY nice AND knowledgeable.
  • Sellwood and Westmoreland shoplifting warning


  • 8/27 – “Negotiating multiple offers”
  • 8/29 – On Site Septic Systems 1-2pm @ MO – This was A VERY good class, by the way!
  • 9/6 – Government Affairs & Legislative Update 10-11am @ LT
  • 9/21 – Premier Network Breakfast – 8:45 -11:00am (Additional details coming soon)


Expert Advisor:

  • Does connecting to a sewer increase property value? Ummmmmmm?
  • RMLS: 1. Listing Load Enhancements coming Mid-September. We’ll have Nick Church at an upcoming branch meeting.
  • 2. (public site) will show Pendings beginning Thursday. (Active, Bumpable, Short Sale Pending and Pending.)
  • Portland Neighborhood Map – Windermere Branded (ATTACHED_
    • Large sizes – NOTE: Tori checked on having these printed. The price we were quoted for one side only, and a lower stock value was $16.00! L We’ll see if we can do better, but wow! However, I’ve attached the file for you.
  • Sellwood Bridge Update –

Transaction Master:

  • Watch out if you see an ‘Addendum Regarding Inspections and Repairs’ that looks JUST LIKE WINDERMERE’S. Missing contingency language…gives the buyer too much power. The last section regarding buyer can ‘re-inspect’ becomes a contingency of sale on KW’s version. BE CAREFUL.
  • The Appraisal Challenge Sheet (Attached) – Check this sheet out. This is a very good tool to have in your discussion with sellers in multiple offer situations and offers are above list price.


Business Savvy:

Consistent Connections:

  • Second Quarter Gardner Report for Oregon.
  • 2012  Football Schedules on Custom Express


Parting Thoughts

  • If you think know one cares you’re alive… miss a house a payment.