Branch Agent Meetings August 21, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting 8.21.2012

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What would your monthly house payment be on a $100,000,000 Condo?

I’m thinking if you have to ask, which is almost everyone on the planet, then it might not be the best home for you. However, looking at the video of the home tour is pretty cool!


Is your home old enough to be president?

(Google says 36 J) is so, it’s just a little older than the median age of owner-occupied homes. That’s 11 years older than the median age in 1985. Check out the US map of how old homes are by state. And my suggestion… by stock in Home Depot – those old houses need a lot of work!


Looks like Refinancing Underwater Borrowers with HARP is becoming a success.

This government program to help people stay in their homes wasn’t working for most borrowers in trouble, but a couple of changes in the program and, voila! The program use is now 33% of Freddie and Fannie refi.  Good to know stuff.


Even SE Portland BARS are incredibly awesome!

Wow, to be on a Top 10 in the NATION list probably doesn’t hurt the Woodsman Tavern’s feelings any. The of course have a master of mixology in the house and that doesn’t hurt. Plus how cool is a publication called ‘Eatocracy’?


Clayton Scott – Windermere Mortgage.

Is underwriting getting more difficult?

                Not necessarily, but remaining difficult.

                Appraisals are getting slower – no rushes, taking a couple weeks 35 days or more to close a transaction

                Rates have picked up a little bit; 3.75, FHA – 3.5-3.75, Jumbo – 4.375

                (Weekly rate sheet to be sent out to Branches)




Julianna Rowe – 6505 SE WOODSTOCK BLVD, $644,500

Linda Skeele – 3722 SE RURAL ST, built in 1995, hardwood floors, updated,   4BD/2.5BA, $459,900

Linda Skeele – 8413 SW 14th, 2BD, $225,000



Peggy – 1/3 to 1/2 acre (land) – Wilsonville, Aurora, Tualatin


Branch Stuff:

  • Continuing Education – New form (attached)
    • Individual packets will be made up for each of you – please check your mailboxes later this week
    • Form attached (save to your computer)
    • Form required, take your time to fill out correctly
    • Need 27 hours plus LARC
      • There will be a LARC class t.b.d
  • De La Salle North Internship Program – Cool!
    • Only at Lloyd Tower, Lake Oswego, & Johnson
    • At risk kids – Windermere will be providing internships
  • New Distracted Driver Policy
    • There’s a new one in the policy manual. However, the focus is really on putting an emphasis on driving responsibly and having you NOT be in one!
  • Windermere Services move and a new Windermere North West
    • Moved to Barnes Rd. and changed the name to “Windermere NW”
    • Brian Carlson will be intermediate Managing Broker
  • Going green! Direct Deposits for Commission Checks
    • By October everyone will have automatic deposits
  • Would you like to throw out a challenge to another branch in the Fall? Bowling, Darts, Pool? The word is BOWLING! Stay tuned!



  • 8/22 – RMLS Updates and Sneak Peek at the New Listing Load 1-2pm @ MO
  • 8/27 – Negotiating Multiple Offers Webinar 11-12pm @ MO
  • 8/29 – On Site Septic Systems 1-2pm @ MO


Expert Advisor:

  • Oregon Foreclosure Law Class Tidbits (attached)
  • FYI – Clark Negen, CCRGI ‘handyman’ has a cool business model
    • Professional Organizing Services

Transaction Master:

  • Buyer Advisory Regarding Transferring Earnest Money Funds Out of State
    • Branch cannot transfer out of state
    • Buyers or Escrow can… talk to Steve about options
  • Helping your Escrow Officer:
    • Completing client contact information on the sales agreement.


Business Savvy:

  • Sunday Opens AND Broker Opens and Prescription Drugs.
    • Warn your clients to remove their prescription drugs before opening up their home

Marketing Specialist:

  • 25 ‘Easy’ Home Sale Tips – Interesting list, though I’m not 100% on all of them.


Parting Thoughts

  • Marketing Matters!