Branch Agent Meetings August 15, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting 8.14.2012


  • People are complicated…


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Green Green, It’s Green they say, on the far side of the hill…. In Portland! 30% of Portland is covered in trees.

Portland stretches it’s green shadow out even further past that un-green Seattle town. Check it out!


Westmoreland Geese could have stayed another year. I wonder if the Landlord/Tenant folks could help them out? Remember last year when 100 ducks and geese got an eviction notice (and free transportation out of town)? After reading the article, it really does sound like a noble and worthy effort, but funding is tight.


Is your next home improvement project going to be worth it? These Top 10 (or should I say bottom 10 projects) won’t be worth it in regards to resale value. These stats don’t take into account the life enjoyment value, though. I don’t think anyone would do all 10, but I’m guessing there is one or two on the list you might be considering.


Portland LOVES to be #1 in Bikes, Coffee Shops and Weird, but this is definitely NOT a stat most Portlanders want to move higher. Hey, we’re number 29 – in population among U.S. cities.  Portland's population increased by 10,044 people between 2010 and 2011 to 593,820. And I think all of them commute the same roads as me. J





Linda Skeele – 7634 SE 21ST Ave., $349,900, catered lunch, hardwood floors, remodeled kitchen,

Linda Skeele – 2533 NW 2nd Ter (Condo) Gresham, $135,000

Ron Rogers – 6206 SE 30TH AVE., $950,000, Price Decrease

Joan-Marie Rogers – 7314 SE 27TH AVE., $995,000, First viewing today!! Catered by Elephants

Bill Grange – 4000 CARMAN DR #10., $119,900, Condo, FHA/BA approved, Remodeled baths, pool hot tub
Shelle Winkler – 14301 SW MISTLETOE DR., $499,000, Bull Mountain, Views, Master on main

Megan Murphy – 3666 SE Raymond, $229,000, Ranch style, 2bd/1ba, garage, hardwood floors, Mid-century




Bill – Oregon City, Canby, Gladstone, $285,000, 3-4bedrooms, small RV boat parking

Bill – 1 acre+, 4 Bedrooms, outer areas, $400,000

Ron – Relocating to East Moreland, big back yard, 3 car garage

Kathy – 2-3 Bedrooms, $400,000, East Moreland, 1 level

Jeff – Milwaukie or Gladstone, approx. $275,000 cash

Megan – Portland heights, lot, fixer, or nice home, $500,000+, pool


Branch Stuff:

  • ParaNorman THIS SATURDAY!!
  • Golf Tournament THURSDAY! – Golf ball drop (still available!), Auction
  • Willamette Week’s Finder Guide
  • Windermere Weekly Stats


8/15 –  “Understanding Foreclosure Sales” @ RH, 1:30-2:30pm

                *1 Credit Hour

8/16 –  “Using Trendgraphix” – Online Webinar, 10-11am

8/16 –  “Escrow in the 21st Century” @ LT, 10-11am

                *1 Credit Hour


Consistent Connection:

  • Race to 2013 – What is your connection plan the rest of the year?
    If you’re not talking to your clients about the market and if they may need to list their home, do you think they may know other Realtors that ARE?”  – Brian Allen


Expert Advisor:

  • LP siding ain’t what it used to be – not one failure complaint against smart siding when they changed from the failing product in 1996.
  • Real Life (In our branch)Oil Tank Stories – This is a good read. If you missed the meeting, please read!

Transaction Master:

  • Handling Bullies in a transaction
    • Do not engage
    • Consider who has the most leverage
    • Be willing to use that leverage, i.e. to bluff
    • Create boundaries

Business Savvy:

  • OREA Agent Reprimand – words, especially ‘embellished’ words, matter. This is from what used to be the ORENj. This guy lied and got caught. I’m happy about the latter.


Marketing Specialist:

  • Maximum Exposure Customizable One Sheet – EXCELLENT and thank you Tori! This is a pdf. If you’d like to use this and have it customized (it NEEDS to be customized), just ask Tori.


Upcoming Events:

  • Aug. 16th – Golf Tournament – HOT HOT HOT – Wish Ron, Bill and I a day without heat stroke!
  • Aug. 18th – ParaNorman – Volunteers PLEASE!!!


Parting Thoughts:
McKayla is not impressed.