Branch Agent Meetings July 18, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting July 17, 2012


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‘Economists were created in order to make Psychics look good’.  Maybe. J That being said, this article has so many positive stats in it, I’m going to agree on this report. Check out the state of housing in the US. After 7 years of bad luck, (Stevie Wonder moment), housing is a good moon rising. (CCR Moment)              


Who knew? They have a Portland Outdoor Drinking and Dining website! How many times on an awesome evening have you wanted to go someplace new (and good) that has a cool patio? Favorite tab this one!                                                                                                                                  


Do you have a left thumb AND a right thumb, or are you all thumbs?   Before you start a home improvement project, you might want to take this quick test to see if you can go the whole nine yards. I’ve been lucky so far, but man I’ve been close a couple of times!                                     


Sellwood Bridge stuff AGAIN? Hey, I go over the thing, too, so I want to know what the heck they’re doing.    

This to me seems like a BIG change when they already have cranes and stuff, but they’re looking at changing the whole look of the bike / walking section on the bridge. This article actually shows what the deck will look like, and the bike lobby is probably ok with it, so……                               



Chris Dawkins – 1220 NE 17th Ave – 2BD/1BA, Condo, $175,000

Julianna Rowe – 6505 SE Woodstock Blvd – 3BD/1BA, $235,000 (Ranch style, spacious, fenced yard, landscaped)

Linda Skeele –      5725 SE 23rd Ave – 3BD/2BA, $329,900 (West side, private yard, hardwoods, large kitchen, finished basement)

Joan Rogers –      8024 SE 35th Ave – 4BD/3BA, $539,900 (Upstairs remodeled)

Linda Skeele –      3429 SE Bybee Blvd – 4BD/3BA, $619,900 (Feels Mid-Century, Remodeled/Refinished)

Patty Brockman – 1245 SE Roberts Ave (Gresham) – 4BD/2BA, $349,900

Linda Skeele –      20827 NE Caden St (Fairview) – 3BD/3BA, $349,900 (Quiet street, private lot, 3 car garage, open floor-plan)

Peggy Reaume – 18383 Old River Dr (LO) – 4BD/4.1BA, $895,000 (First listing!!)

Reuben Schug –  1188 SE Highfield Ave (Hillsboro) – 3BD/2.1BA, Townhouse, $120,000


Need & Wants:    

Kathy – Young Intel professional looking for smaller home up to $550,000, needs Master on main


Branch Stuff:                     

– Concerts in the Park – 2 Down to 2 to go! July 23rd Windermere hosted!
– ParaNorman – IS ON!!!!

– Saturday Aug. 18th 10:30am (See attached flyer!)

– Set aside block of seats (15 or more at general admission price)

– Display of original puppets from the movie

– Laika guest(s) to speak at the movie!

– Sign-up sheet at front desk for volunteers

– $$ donations are welcome ($500 to rent theatre)
– Golf Tournament gift basket

– Looking for cigar donation – Steve volunteered and David is picking up at the smoke shop.
– Happy Hour @ Bedford Brown Friday 7/19 from 4:00 – 7:00pm RSVP sign up at the front desk
– Windermere Stats – Moreland is keeping up QUITE nicely with those big ‘ol branches! J

– Windermere Foundation Golf Tourney – August 16th – $130 – Sign ups on wall              

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– Social HQ – Email Marketing available on Custom Xpress (Small monthly fee)

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– 10 Reasons Short Sales are a Win-Win for Banks and Borrowers (See attached)

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– Market Action (SE is up to  -1%  Market is moving up!)
– PMAR Sustainability Resource Website ( )


7/18 –      Sewer Scopes @ Moreland 1:00 – 2:00pm

7/26 –      Online Security @ Moreland 1:00 – 2:00pm

8/3 –        New Home Sales Division @ RH 1:30 – 2:30pm (Windermere has a New Homes Sales division)