Branch Agent Meetings July 10, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting July 10, 2012

                      Moreland Sales Meeting July 10, 2012

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If you’re looking for a new place to live, are you ‘normal’ in what you’re looking FOR?  I guess generalities make posters easier, but I think most people have their own list of ‘got to haves’. However, this list of the norm for buyers is different than it’s been in the past, so have a look see.                     


If you’re past the ‘what the heck is a HUD house?’ question and might like to buy one – this is a good read. Short Sales, REO properties and New Construction all have their unique buying formats that are different than the norm. Add HUD homes to the list.


$11 Million affordable housing project in Eliot neighborhood. 50 units will be completed in 2013 and the ground breaking party will be on Saturday July 21st from noon to three. Kids can go on the heavy construction equipment. (Hey, I want to go, too!)


What would be more natural than a Boston artist to create public art for the Sellwood Bridge? I’m just not sure where the $500,000 project cost goes. I’m thinking much of it will be in landscaping, but I’ll try and remember to check this out come 2016. J               



Linda Skeele – 2626 NE 12th Ave 97212, 4 BD/2.1BA, $649,900

Linda Skeele – 3682 SE Nehalem St 97202, 3BD/1BA, $399,900

Reuben Schug – 3552 SW Evans St 97219, 3 BD/1.1BA, $380,000

Linda Skeele – 23rd West Moreland, 3BD/2BA, $329,000

Patty Brockman – 1245 SE Roberts Gresham, 4BD/2BA, $349,000

Julianna Rowe – 6505 SE Woodstock, 3BD/1BA, $235,000

Bill Grange – 85th, 2BD/2BA, $140,000

Peggy Reaume – 18383 Old River Drive LO, 4BD/5BA, 1.2 Acres, $895,000


Branch Stuff:                     

Concerts in the Park – Sign up at the Front Desk

– 2 weeks away (Plenty of time, Establish Budget today)

– Evite – Email invites

– Blazers will be there

– This week – Follow up with those who’ve received the invite

– Call the caterer this week

– Bring your own trash bags / be considerate of clean-up

– Stay standing and socializing with the whole party

– Hold a raffle!

ParaNorman! – Julianna Rowe (Saturday Morning Aug. 18th, 10:00am)

– Working on Flyer invite

– Waiting on final approval from Laika

– Moreland theatre Rental = $500 (Donations will guarantee free ticket)

– $20 / Seat or $25 / Reserved Seating (Hold party for Reserved section)


Windermere Foundation Golf Tournament – August 16th – $130 – Sign ups on wall

                – Building Gift Baskets (Looking for donations, Goods or $$)

Phone System – Be sure and check your forwarding (Talk to Brianne or Tori if you are having issues)
7/19 – Happy Hour @ Bedford Brown 4:00 – 7:00pm RSVP
Direct Deposit – it’s a good thing.                                   

Consistent Connection

June Trendgraphix now on websites, but not Oregonian.         

Summer Olympics – Custom Express
People who probably want to buy/sell real estate ( See attached Questionnaire )

Transaction Master

Learning from a POOR Customer Survey Response

– Communication is essential

Deed Cheat Sheet – Warranty/Special/B&S/Quit
10 Reasons Short Sales are a Win-Win for Banks and Borrowers
Short Sale Pending – Revised         


Business Savvy:              

Flood insurance – reauthorized for 5 Years. Amazing.
Time Management – Strike Two
Trendgraphix for 97202 – WOW!



7/18 – Sewer Scopes @ Moreland 1:00 – 2:00pm

7/25 – New Home Sales Division @ RH 1:30 – 2:30pm