Branch Agent Meetings June 20, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting June 19, 2012

Moreland Sales Meeting June 19, 2012

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What is a ‘Shadow Inventory’, and is it being the lowest number since 2008 a good thing?   We’ve been hearing a LOT about the foreclosed or soon to be foreclosed home hitting the marketplace and how that may impact property values. As I’ve said before, stats can be read many ways, and there are positives in this statistic, but it’s important to look at the other details in this report.                                              

The perfect home for you hobbyists out there.     At a mere $5,000,000 it might not be enough home for you J, but I’m thinking there is room to have just about any hobby you can think of. I LOVE the quest house that looks like an old Western Town.                               

 Does living in a city NOT in the Top 10 ‘Manly’ cities lower testosterone levels in men?  It doesn’t say in this survey, but it does say if you have a lot of coffee shops, sushi bars (aren’t Ninja’s manly??), and don’t have a rodeo, you might want to have your levels checked. Portland is #32 by the way. So I guess we’re kind of middlin’ manly.                                                                                                            

The Sellwood Bridge project intersects with bike and walking trails – and a decision has been made. The good news is for the bike riders and walkers. And although it still works, the houseboat owners aren’t as thrilled. Check out the nice maps showing the changes.


Jeff – 375 SW 133rd Ave. Beaverton 97005  –  3 BD/1BA – $194,000

Patty – 12810 NE Glisan St. – 2 BD/1BA – $112,000

Patty – 8024 SE Cora St. – 3BD/2.1BA – $199,900

Patty – 1233 NW Frazier Ct. – 3BD/2.1BA – $615,000

Coming up:

Robin – SE 35th – English Cottage – 3 BD/ 2 BA, 2,100 SqFt. – $525,000,

Robin – 7117 SE 28th –4BD/4BA, 4,700 Sq.Ft., Updated

Needs and Wants:

Robin – Looking for homes to be on Remodeled Home Tour

Renita – Looking for Rental in SW

Deanna – Price Reduction $2,500, Bonus if Sold before July

Robin – Walkable, under $650, 00, 2 Car Garage (big), Open Floor Plan

Robin – West Side, Lincoln School Distrcit, 4BD/2BA, around $700,000

Jeff – Furnished Rental – relocating from SC. 2 Dogs, with wheelchair access


 Branch Stuff:                    

  • Pastini Fundraiser to fight Human Trafficking (Check office email)
  • Welcome Tori Scholl! Please be gentle (Take 2) J 
  • Be sure to Reserve your Free Massage appointment Tuesday June 26th – Located at Front Desk                
  • Jillian & Katelyn Party Today @ 3:30! It was a great party. And it was also for Brianne and Tori of course! J
  • Switching phone system TONIGHT – some outages until 6:00 am – Voicemails will not be affected.
  • Keep Business Cards on your desk – available for clients, etc.
  • Customer Service Questionnaires


  • Listing Analytics: (Beta Testing)
    • Navigating Listing Analytics
      • Log-in to Worc
      • Click on Listings > My Listings
      • Click on Analytics
        • You will be able to see how many people have viewed your Listing(s) and from what sites.
          • The areas people are searching from
          • The sites people are searching through
      • You can create a PDF file and send Analytics to Clients
      • Please provide Feedback
    • MLS instantly generates on
      • Could take up to 1-3 days to be on Trulia, Zillow, etc.

Consistent Connection

Client Party Concerts in the Park (Save the Date week)

“ParaNorman” Event! – Julianna

  • LAIKA (Creators of Coraline) – Releasing new film August 17th “ParaNorman”.
  • Zombie party and screening of film hosted by the Moreland Office.
  • Release Date: Aug. 17th – Party Date: Aug. 18th
  • West Moreland Theatre – 440 Seats (Sell tickets)
  • Zombie Costume Contest
  • Possible Private Tour of LAIKA Studios – with sets (Silent Auction)
    • Ticket Purchase: Film Screening, Artist for Q & A, Merchandise and Marketing Materials, Free Small Popcorn & Soda, Fun Exclusive Event  – Client Party (Buy a block of seats).
    • Reserved seats ($$) vs. General Admission ($)
    • Let’s Brainstorm – to make it a worthwhile event! (Event Committee)
      • Pricing: $ 20 Gen. Admission ??
        • Discount for Kids seats

** If interested please contact Julianna or Steve.

 Transaction Master       
Reminder / Refresher on Windermere Inspection Addendum
FIRPTA lives!! We had a listing in our office where our seller marked ‘yes’.

Business Savvy:

Class Opportunity: REO Specialist Brenda Hereth @ Raleigh Hills Wednesday June 20th from 9:00am-10:30am

Class Opportunity: Investment Property Analyzer 6/21 @ MO 1:00 – 2:00

Class Opportunity: Staying on the Ninja Path Monday 6/25 @ MO 11:00 – 12:00
Class Opportunity: LARRC 6/28 @ MO 1:00 – 4:00 – Brian Carlson

Market Action for May – Sales Price has raised 7.2% since last year


Marketing Specialist:    

DMS Architects ADU website                        

Windermere Foundation Golf Tourney – August 16th – $130 – Sign ups on wall